Magic evening at PI4GN 70cm

after midnight in direction north  PI4GN  location  JO33ii
 Magic  night  birds still singing

We tested the 70cm rig at the contest location in JO33II
OY6BEC  432402 was booming loud all evening 9+10

not many stations dough

but G7RAU IN79 was worked CW/Phone
some G  extreme loud  with 1W or 20W
no special tropo to SM6VTZ 529
strong duct over north sea

Next Saturday morning again heard OY6BEC  1296.895 exact on my dial this time
again 23cm over 1200km  but no one seem to be QRV OY9JD  would be normally?
2M 10Watts 30 June G7RAU  IN79jx 900km   to +2 at 144174
and GM0HTT Orkney's IO89JC S5 got 519 CW
would have been easy in FT8 ;-)..