3B9HA 160

1840kHz monitoring FT8 with the Flex1500
K3 was monitoring 80m
3B9HA MH10 CQ -13 sudden  popped up
he was reported first by R7DA and DK9WB
 surprise  160m was rather dull until then
with K3/100W 1840kHz  quick responce 2-way
3B9HA Olof excellent receiving    R-11
short opening in FT8 easy with relative low power

Olof, G0CKV will be active again from Rodrigues Island, IOTA AF-017, 23 November - 12 December 2017 as 3B9HA.
He will operate on HF Bands including activity in CQ WW DX CW Contest 25 - 26 November 2017 in SOAB Category.
Recent DX Spots 3B9HA

pity not heared Olof in the CQWW CW at 160m

FT8 rules
Call signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSL
DetailsPA0OVP9GE2017-12-04 00:11:3080MFT83.57355
DetailsPA0OPY7DJ2017-12-04 00:07:1580MFT83.57355
DetailsPA0O3B9HA2017-12-03 23:09:15160MFT81.84058
DetailsPA0ON9JV2017-12-03 07:50:4580MFT83.57356
DetailsPA0OHR2DMR2017-12-03 06:56:3880MFT83.57361
DetailsPA0OIU2JMZ2017-12-02 07:10:1580MFT83.57353ITALY
DetailsPA0OW6GX2017-12-02 06:59:3080MFT83.57353UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OVK3ZAZ2017-12-01 18:59:3080MFT83.57353AUSTRALIA
DetailsPA0OVE2EBK2017-12-01 01:31:4560MFT85.35882CANADA
DetailsPA0OM0TXS2017-12-01 01:26:4560MFT85.35882
DetailsPA0OKF4DUE2017-12-01 01:21:1560MFT85.35882
DetailsPA0OW4DR2017-12-01 01:14:4560MFT85.35882UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OW0IZ2017-12-01 01:10:4560MFT85.35882
DetailsPA0OKA5WOO2017-12-01 01:07:1560MFT85.35882
DetailsPA0OPU2RKW2017-12-01 01:01:3060MFT85.35882
DetailsPA0OK9NP2017-12-01 00:47:1560MFT85.35774
DetailsPA0OKB0NAV2017-12-01 00:41:3060MFT85.35774UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0O3B9HA2017-11-30 18:26:4580MFT83.57366
DetailsPA0OUA6HGM2017-11-30 15:58:3080MFT83.57443
DetailsPA0OPE0JBE2017-11-30 15:57:0080MFT83.57443NETHERLANDS
DetailsPA0ODC5ES2017-11-30 01:11:45160MFT81.84226
DetailsPA0OUN5J2017-11-30 01:09:00160MFT81.84226KAZAKHSTAN
DetailsPA0OKX4TT2017-11-30 01:01:15160MFT81.84226UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OCU3AC2017-11-30 00:56:00160MFT81.84226
DetailsPA0OYV4DYJ2017-11-30 00:47:30160MFT81.84226VENEZUELA


nice to see my call here ... tu so much qsos and all the best dear friend from PY7DJ