low SFI does not bother FT8 users...

 also FT8 heard and called  160m TI2CC    good low band propagation too  but only receive
As our Dutch soccer coach Van Gaal said: am I so good or are the others so bad  ;-)
In those days we had a great team but that is long ago. Now we have a woman EC champion soccer team . The gentle man are way over the hill.

 Well I tried CW   for  3C1L  160m  up 1
and VK9CZ 12M   CW  but  was not heard  the 12m antenna is a tuned  30/60/80 sloping 3 bandder
Even in FT8 mode 160m   Beverage rx  just a few N.A. do reply  like one way propagation.

lot of activity FT8 just a  few CW signals

Call signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSL
DetailsPA0OCU3AN2017-10-31 12:09:0012MFT824.91562AZORES
DetailsPA0OVK5BC2017-10-31 09:02:0012MFT824.91500AUSTRALIA
DetailsPA0OJA5MHD2017-10-31 08:41:1512MFT824.91562JAPAN
DetailsPA0OVK6YM2017-10-31 08:14:0012MFT824.91582
DetailsPA0OR9FA2017-10-31 08:08:0012MFT824.91605EUROPEAN RUSSIA
DetailsPA0OOZ1FHU2017-10-31 01:10:4560MFT85.35743DENMARK
DetailsPA0OWB9OTX2017-10-31 01:06:3060MFT85.35743
DetailsPA0OKB4QZH2017-10-31 01:00:49160MFT81.84043
DetailsPA0OF5POE2017-10-31 00:51:45160MFT81.84043FRANCE
DetailsPA0ON8OQ2017-10-30 01:18:4580MFT83.57345
DetailsPA0OM0KAN2017-10-30 01:09:0080MFT83.57345
DetailsPA0OM0HYE2017-10-30 00:32:15160MFT81.84045ENGLAND
DetailsPA0OZS2I2017-10-29 12:11:4512MFT824.91564REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA
DetailsPA0OTA3MHA2017-10-29 11:31:1512MFT824.91564TURKEY
DetailsPA0OS79KB2017-10-29 10:31:3012MFT824.91546
DetailsPA0ORW4D2017-10-29 10:17:4512MFT824.91546
DetailsPA0OR9FA2017-10-29 10:15:1512MFT824.91546EUROPEAN RUSSIA
DetailsPA0ORM1O2017-10-28 20:02:4580MFT83.57352EUROPEAN RUSSIA
DetailsPA0OVK5BC2017-10-28 19:54:4580MFT83.57352AUSTRALIA
DetailsPA0OWB9OTX2017-10-28 00:26:4560MFT85.35746UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0ON0UR2017-10-28 00:24:1560MFT85.35746UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OWS9V2017-10-28 00:21:0060MFT85.35746UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OK4WQ2017-10-28 00:19:0060MFT85.35746UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0ON9ATV2017-10-27 23:50:15160MFT81.84063UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OR8CA2017-10-27 23:44:00160MFT81.84063