WSJT-X V1.8 first tests

Sunday AURORA 70MHz  recording GM4ZUK/P

Installed the latest WSJT-X V.1.8.rc1 beta version

on a W7 32b DELL D420 notebook

It crashed few seconds  after start  several times  need to force stop with p.m.

After rebooting PC it was ok with CAT to the K3

In between i started V1.6 again
Frequency settings of  V1.6  where lost and needed reset to default.
these setting are removed by V1.8  and vice versa.

Then i had the first FT8 mode contacts  LX1JX groundwave dial 50.313
only ground wave with some MS enhanced scatter are possible in the present propagation dip.

The frequency dial settings are depending to the selected  region  ,  1 2 3 or all
They are different to   version 1.6        WSPR 50.293  JT65 50.276
Set to Region1  was  USB 50.310 as default JT65 not 276
in the band selection list box there are 3 6m entries when  regions "all"  is selected
the first is the usual 50.276
80m WSPR no spots freq. must be modified 3.592600  it was 3.572600
And missing 60M  had to be added.
2 frequencies 1:  5.287200   Brexit OZ LA  and others
 EU 5.364700 = within WRC-15
Frequency settings can be saved to file .  r-m button shows options.

Band hopping  does not allow hopping  2 frequencies within 60m
that would be my wish for new versions
Also the option to set power per band would be nice.

On a 2nd  PC also V1.8 crashed few seconds after start, when no rig connected i.e. IC706
it did not crash
After change 1 to 2 stopbits it did work
V 1.6 and other programs  do not have problems with 1 stopbit

FT8 seems okay although last week we had almost ZERO ES propagation

ES season seems already over
the runaway TX watchdog stops unattended TX after an ajustable time out.