JT65 opening to JA

6m seemed  dead when  i came at the radio  early  06\\\\\\\utc
 but  i saw JA was worked  from JO32  here at first  nada JA

Then 07:20  UTC sudden band opened  here too
with JE6KEA  -20  first call decoded

then a lot JA  signals 
JE6HJT     -13
JI4UEN     -11
JA6TEW   -11
 JN4MIV    -17
JE6KEA    -13    
 JH4MGU   -12
 JI4UEN    -12
 JH4IFF    -10
 JH3VJV   -9
JA9AVA     -2 
JF2WXS  -18
JA5FJJ      -22
JA3EGE    -21  PM74
JR2WYD   -12       PM84  
JN1JFC     -3    QM06   

relative few 2-way contacts resulting  because of the fast QSB
JT65 is a magic mode  but the slow  exchange cycle of 1 minute kills most QSO's
1 minute cycle  is too slow for the  deep QSB on the fragile JA signals
Responding to CQ  without report takes an extra 1 minute exchange  that was too long for most
JA calls that replied. 

Started to be more active with JT65  a lot of interesting DX  seems only to be in JT65
JT65  50MHz  50.274 shows huge activity  and real interesting DX  that is not easy heard in classic modes.


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