17 JUNE 2017 BIG ES 144

+++ ATTENTION: 15:30 UTC - HIGH MUF +++
+++    Amazing ES event on June, 16th. Data of more than 2350 QSO already arrived. Please send your logs!    +++
                    source  MMMonHF

fantastic long opening
Starting 9:57   144.311 UR3EE
12:47  last signal heard R3KK  529 CW cqcqc KO90  did not hear me

some very strong signals UR3EE 9++
                                        UT4UEP  9++
 and others over S9
mostly SSB

Using the  FT225RD  30W   +  3el    DK7ZB   223 3 bander
FT225 digi noise and birdies very sensitive receiver
managed to contact 9 Oekraine

 UZ2HZ   KN69RA  hrd
US0GB  hrd
UT7EL    KN77en  59 x 59
UY7QN  59 * 59 KN77mj
UR5UI    59 *59  KN59BS
UR3CT                 KN59RS
UR3LX    59 hrd
UT7EW  59 * 59 KN78mn
UW5EGT 59 * 59 KN67pw
R3KK       529 hrd  KO90

had to leave     between 11:40 --- 12:47   Oekraine signals 144 still 9++
possible  LO or LN  main squares missed?
but i had to leave..

I wonder why most VHF hams need to exchange Locator in every QSO
even when signals can fade out fast
and why most VHF HAMs do not use LOTW

all activity was concentrated  close to 144300 MHz
FM QSO are reported too huge signals at times

AP2AM seen at 50MHz  in JT65 but huge pile of very strong  competitors
would be a new one
heard at my new made 7el in test at 5m  a.g.

went  QSY to 144    a good decision..