3 rd Thursday this month 70MHz  RSGB  / DAC contest

see what can be catched with my 2 ele 4m   of   3 band  VHF246  DK7ZB
Band was noisy here  local carriers sort of digi QRM
But  signals present in this normally very quiet band.

managed 10 QSO    in tropo scatter propagation

20170518 1923  70203.0 CW   PA0O         559  001  OZ8ZS           559  000  JO55RT   421          
20170518 1936  70212.4 USB  PA0O          59  002  OZ5KM            59  008  JO45RL   307          
20170518 1938  70212.8 CW   PA0O         559  003  OZ1DLD          559  012  JO45RL   307          
20170518 1957  70221.8 USB  PA0O          59  004  G4CLA            59  063  IO92JL   533          
20170518 2005  70237.7 USB  PA0O          55  005  G0VVE            55  035  IO91GS   572          
20170518 2008  70151.8 CW   PA0O         599  006  PA0RDY          599  002  JO22KJ   153          
20170518 2015  70154.7 USB  PA0O          53  007  G4YHF            52  026  IO92XW   447          
20170518 2031  70213.9 USB  PA0O          53  008  G3XDY            55  033  JO02OB   390          
20170518 2051  70236.1 USB  PA0O          55  009  G4FZN/P          54  081  IO94JF   526          
20170518 2113  70178.4 USB  PA0O          59  010  G4BWP            57  094  JO02FH   428          

DAC  18-5-2017  

70 MHz
SectieCallsignLocQSOstot kmkm/QSOLoc BonusTotal PointsCall Best DXLoc Best DXAfstandPowerAntenneLog
OpenSOPA5YJO21VO35179875142128487SV2JAOKN10DN1761 km4011 ele dual bandEDI
OpenSOPA0OJO33HG10408440877584G0VVEIO91GS571 km50W2 ele 22m agEDI
OpenSOPE1RLFJO32CG10171517285715OZ8ZSJO55RT522 km256 el. PA5DDEDI
OpenSOPA2CVJO32BF108448463844OZ1DLDJO45RL422 km306 el comi yagi + 6mEDI

Today received  the  "Ukraine"   144  28 MHz transverter
I am planing to use it with the K3
First impression:  very good, nice  designed  high quality unit
34$ !   10W 144 146   +7$ shipping  from Ukraine  not from China this time

uit5jcw@us.com  430 220 70 50 transverters
 10W at 144  with the RD15VHF1 good!   i use the same FET in the 5WPA QRP-LABS
this FET has it source at the cool flange easy!
Barely 5W out at 28MHz and 50MHz  with  1W/ 700mW drive
must be somewhere an error here?

not yet tested   also received 2 U3S from QRP-LABS
a lot of toy's to keep me busy

The new U3S PCB seems to differs slightly from the one a have build before
I had to figure out how to solder L1 there are 4  holes now
L1  25wdg choke coil symbol is now printed at the bottom side
Seems  a new  jumper to connect  RF out over C5  that must be open if the 5W-PA is integrated
earlier this year needed  C5 removed for use with the 5W-PA and  LPF unit

I can not get into the QRPLAPS@groups.io
there is always some problem now it says my name is missing in the profile
But my name is there
And an old irritation  key-layout opens over the input  field
again i have to apply to become member of this group
But I was a member ? I could post some questions earlier
Do i have to go trough the whole circus again  i get tired of this

 This W7 PC  also starts to get annoying
  In Chrome sudden the microphone disabled icon is placed over the text screen
 have to work around annoying
..  i can't get rit of it the microphone is normal enabled ...
it is just a ghost icon that popped up it is fixed in the screen memory and stays at front
 The spell check that was sudden disabled could be enable again deep in the settings
but....  r-click  shows the correct spelling suggestions but does not replace..
that has worked fine before until someone??? thought to improve the software??                
annoying annoying

Also the HTC1  Android  is annoying
Thee Google app is closing instantly  it opens and closes before any search text can be input.