SOLAR EDGE 8k on air...

50MHz  antenna direction SOLAR EDGE 8k
the fun is gone  with 20dB  extra noise 12 hours a day
The SOLAR EDGE  SE8k at 50m distance  contaminates the whole  HF and VHF spectrum 
1 to 146 MHz  !! with noise and 200kHz separated digi trash
this noise is maximum at the display opening in the case  
it is generated by the EMC disaster CPU 
The unit is still under guaranty so i can not open it to see what is wrong
The provided HF filtering in the PV power lines did not help 
since the  RFI is not on these lines 
Wire mesh over the display area weakened the noise just a tiny bit
The single phase Solar Edge PV converter with optimizer seems to be clean
So what is wrong with the SE8k ??

Antenna at minimum noise

474.2 kHz  no sign anymore of WD2XSH/17  
last time seen TA decodes was 25 March 
Might be that transmissions are stopped fttb  the Aurora did kill all DX on the low bands