477.7kHz VO1NA

Good signal 00:30   heard for over an hour.
CQ de VO1NA  in jo33hg  529 559
QSX 3525.5   X-band QSO  thanks Joe
I can not share the recording the easy way by paste here on this blog
audio clips on Blogger are not allowed...
I made a video clip with the Lumea 640 Phone
But  Windows  phone .
OS W10  uses all  RAM resources for W10 house keeping.
It needs terrabytes.. to do anything,  Although W10 is improved over W7.

this is the link  it does not play in my browser may be wav is an unknown audio type ;-0
Store the audio clips at my Qsl.net site  and play it at the blog has worked in the past.


last night 474.2 WSPR  result not as good as the days before
many decodes again of WD2XSH/17
best was -15
2017-02-05 03:14  WD2XSH/17  0.475648  -15  0  FN42pb  1  PA0O  JO33hg  5630  49
and  WG2XPJ  best -25
no ZF1EJ this time
2017-02-05 02:52  WG2XPJ  0.475674  -25  0  FN34lp  1  PA0O  JO33hg  5587

My QTX  did gave up its duty yesterday but if  60W  will be good enough to be heard?
Why it had to gave up just before the special event?

need a stronger TX
About 20 blown up IRF540    since 500kHz  became available
It can work a few days reasonable and then again sudden one more fet blown
I gave up on this one

The IRF540Z  2300pF  input load is too hard to drive in class D  for me
I have spend many many hours to get the QTX working as it should be
100W  with a cool FET  but failed.

this is my latest last? attempt to get the QTX working for me

I use the old IC706 for 474   the Flex1500 is not flexible enough to cover 630m..
 I have a simple active bandfilter to make the IC706 receive and drive at 474.2 kHz
Using a Beverage to west 350m long QTF 290
The QTF045 Beverage works good but there is nothing to receive in east direction at 630m