IARU 50Mhz

yoshinari ikeda  JH4IUO  cfmd  QSO with email 
So 10ele yagi×2 35mh  top of a mountain 730m sea level
Rig TS-990S+AMP 500W


Good ES during this contest
I could only be active Sunday  the propagation God was very generous  lots of ES signals
No EA no G   main antenna direction had to be n-east to s-east

137 QSO

best DX JH4IUO PM64jf 8960km
My brain rejected to decode JH4IUO   at first
I was not expecting JA reply
first JA at 6m here this season.
I have not been very active at 50MHz  last DX was begin of May.
just a few single hop ES and some Aurora contacts  after the 4/5 May FR4 3B9FR opening

My antenna is very modest in compare. I have the HF multiband in its summer dress
Added 6m elements to form a 5el 6m beam and 40-10m dipole feeded with 1 coax cable to the HF dipole.  And this 5 ele performs real good for its modest size.
F/B  fine and good matching..
And the 4m / 70MHz 5 ele on top

IARU site  wants EDI log type more suited for VHF it outputs files per band f.i.

Always  using Cabrillo for HF contests
N1MM outputs EDI format aswel

N1MM  logtype  VHF serial logging

CToSc=216830   total km

7:13 --- 12:18  had to stop early, band was still open

could not use N1MM+
it started hanging in endless error popups



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