Could only join  for a few hours  the CQWWRTTY  last weekend

DX was possible
CE3CT  40m
strong  XE2CQ 40m   (heard only  could not copy me or other EU callers )

VK3JA 40m    several JA at 21 MHz

A very strange issue with the K3 in RTTY at 15m
  the tx switched out / on   in a  slow sequence  after some cq  calling
a relay starts to click in a slow 1-2 second sequence  and the RF does interrupt to  complete zero.
The TX  led is on as normal.  And first off/on off/on and then  stays at  zero out.
No error message. no RFI effect observed .

This is only in RTTY and only 21MHz
It happend before only RTTY at 15m

It is not that the CAT RTS drops i monitored that  then the TX would go off as well.
it is an internal K3  issue since a relay click is heard at the moment the TX output is gone.

strange things  happen sometimes
Finally i tried to make a video clip of this strange behavior
This was happening all the time after a few cq's  or when i tried to respond to a caller.
But once the recording was running  you can guess .. it did not appear.

                 CQWWRTTY Summary Sheet

       Start Date : 2016-09-24

         Software : N1MM Logger V14.9.0

        Band    QSOs    Pts  ZN    Cty
         3.5      84     173    9   33    3
           7      54     117   12   30    6
          14      19      48    8   13    6
          21      28      76   15   17    1
       Total     185     414   44   93   16

            Score : 63,342
              Rig :K3

         Antennas :  dipole's 10-80m