ES Auroral

Aurora in N-EU

  23-8-2016    22:00   50450.8 la7six jp99ec  jo33hg    569
22:20  LA9VFA   50160  cqcqc long cq from rare  KQ40cv!    then QSY QSB and gone
  again no QSO  with KQ  main square
I hear this rare square about  one time per season but never a QSO

Heard saying qsy 135  , QSY  immediate  after long cq??
and then to the only frequency that is occupied?
i could not understand
i was heard short by Olav

 maybe next year a QSO for a new major grid KQ  extreem hard to work for me...

at 50135 was LA5MIA  JP78xt  that was my only QSO this opening to the Arctic area

last year KQ heard only   most time the signals fom JQ KQ arctic area are much stronger and easier to work  south of me
I am to close ...   or to far for QSO on the magic band


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