ES 30 June

Exciting spots 50MHz    W7 's worked in DL  
nothing here..
JW7QIA  was only579   , more south everything was stronger JW7QIA was reported in ON  9+++   nothing new all seen before.
JW7QIA  had huge pile working split
worked before. Would been a new one on 70MHz ... but then only 599+ in ON and S-PA i am afraid 

I heard 70.063 LA2VHF  559 JP53
then heard LB3AG would be a new call  cq 56 70.200  
but he replied to an other PA3  much stronger of course and faded

did QTF 0 CQ'n for some time in the hope something might possible over the North pole
still we are close to the longest day solstitium zonnewende  always the most interesting time for 50/70 MHz propagation . however last weeks we rarely had sun the longest day was overcast and rain.
6M was wide open OH SM2 ES LA JW7QIA 
strong DL's backscatter working / reporting the rare W7 K7 west-coast square CN !!
but i was in the middle  in the death zone as used before
went QRT  too early?
later PE5T reported KL7PY !! 50106 10 seconds woow  only the 2nd time in PA that KL7 was reported /worked  it will be a dream dx for ever here i never hear anything worth to mention since 20 years
Kees is real top DX-er on any band  160 -4m   respect.

no N-America  and S-A yet at 6m
missed the huge 13-6 opening 
1 x JA 1x FR  this year at 6m   
entering July  the best ES part is over

delete a could be 4m QSO

DELFSAIL  July 1 2016   
very nice event  despite rainshower -summer  good live music 
like 4horsemen  Kensington  etc

Dar Młodzieży  was open for everyone 

First time DELFSAIL was 1986   by coincidence like 2016 during EU football
in 1986 Dutch football was still on high level
A lot has changed since then ..
6m  is death  and the dutch football millionaires are to busy with other things no time to play soccer. 


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Zelfde ervaring hier op 6m. Nog een tijdje naar JW geroepen. Geen response alleen stations uit zuidelijker gelegen gebieden. Wel QSO nog met EI op JT65. Voor ons is JT65 zo ie zo de beste mode op 6 en misschien ook wel voor 4. 73, Bas

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