High power single operator
Spend a lot of time and work for just 95 QSO's
No more then 4 hours of sleep ..
A good test to see if I still could survive that
Saturday afternoon  I set up a Beverage   to west    300m
Setting up the Beverage left me with muscle strain lasting until today after jumping over a ditch.
 But a good experience at least now I have a good working
Beverage to West.
 fb quiet reception clear W signals on the Beverage disappeared when RX on the TX antenna
 I tried to record collection of the stronger signals
  VY2ZM  589 on the Beverage..K3ZM  579 aswel  and some other major signals
But the recording failed
Audio handeling never has been as difficult as in W7
The internal mike can not be disabled
the mixer control is fuzzy

Early evening  20UTC Saturday already a few W's came in very promising.
But propagation broke down later I had 50 QSO  aded 47 only
could not reach 100Q  a few W without EU rx antenna heard calling CQ but could not hear EU callers
Like I was hearing disabled the first morning..

Should have had  that Beverage from the start.
N0NI  W0SD  first night
Sunday the already poor propagation was way down  only East part of W/V

2 points per QSO  is not so generous for 160m TA contacts in this poor propagation
The days  one could hear W6 /7  is history  on top band  ( and  10m aswel)

The weekend started with software issues.
2 of them are solved meanwhile.

1.TQSL  simply transferred between PC using backup/ restore
2.Bandlimits K3 program worked after I found the hidden installed programm

3.N1MM+  not solved   no sign of N1MM team  I seem to be stand alone in this again    does not answer or confirm the problem I am not sure if the N1MM team did receive it.

 I switched to a faster Laptop for the logger N1MM+ / clasic
 that solved the problem with the T/R delays

3. N1MM+   runtime error in general logging
not possible to log anymore.  the error report pops up
if automatic score reporting is checked the runtime error comes exact every 5minutes
that is the time for the upload  and re-scoring
re-scoring generates the overflow error  in my general log  with all contacts
N1MM clasic does not have the bug

switched back to N1MM classic

N1MM+  merging ADIF files  not possible   timestamp  "error"
not possible to import a single ADIF record to an excisting log with contacts

N1MM clasic is okay for that  it  ignores double records

did send to

3. W10  in Virtual BOX  is expired
need to install a new version
I do not want to upgrade W7    it is my company laptop
I did start the "media creator"  to download W10 ISO
it was finished but the ISO is not findable

That is typical software  first hours downloading and then nothing zipp