UBUNTU Virtualbox AD9850

June first week no interesting DX 50 or 4m  dead bands most of  the time.
Gray skys cool and some rain after our punishment for the one day summer..  
Boring  all bands closed short wave and VHF!
Time for other things.

 Ordered 3B9FR QSL by  the paypal service of M0OXO ..
first time I used this to get 

Checking  6m DXCC confirmed it is a bit.. behind  170 cfm'd of 212 
I wonder if I ever can get those old cards 
Somewhere I strongly feel that the 3B9FR was the only new one this season.
the other opening??  30seconds ???  to 5Z0L was missed.
That morning I was working to improve the 6m antenna mast was down bad timing.
Now the 4 ele seems to work more optimal very directional  hopefully it brings the dBd that
matches the hardware  about 4m50 boom.

Only surprise was that one warm evening  I was called on the local chat frequency 145.525MHz
vertical 10W  by M0TLX Dave in IO94hw 500+km 
Even better signal at 433.525MHz like a local!

I had to give up on UBUNTO  very sorry  but it crashed  to often on the Lenovo
It can work so nice but after some time a day an hour or so the keyboard touchpad are switched of
An a reboot is needed.   
That could be the hardware of this Laptop of course.
But keyboard did not had problems in Windows before.

UBUNTU message popup say that an internal error in UBUNTU did appear  so it is blaming itself for the unknown error?

Then I am asked to send a feedback but..  the Wlan adapter is blinking but won't connect anymore  
after a while it says you are now offline...  good to know I did not notice...
Mostly a loud beep is given  in such cases just to annoy you!
Then there seems no remedy new start didn't help
Possible there was an system update again that crashed it?  I had that before several times.
A real pity either it is the Lenovo hardware or  UBUNTO does not like this Lenovo.
b.t.w. this Lenovo has a beautiful build main-board it looks all okay to me.
Will test UBUNTU on other system to find out if the Laptop hardware is the problem.

The Oracle Virtual machine latest is running fine with W10 
It can not run simultaneously with MS-Virtual XP / PC
the Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT). 
Does not share 
I was not aware that MS-Virtual PC  did use this  it was not mentioned  and does not need to be enabled in the BIOS?   Virtual box needs to have it enabled in order to run a VN with Win10
Strange things happen!
  • New June 1st, 2015
    VirtualBox 5.0 Release Candidate 1 released!

    Another Beta for the upcoming new major release, VirtualBox 5.0. Seethis announcement for details.

Urduino DDS VFO  
The AD9850 board from China arrived by mail
Including shipping about  7€    How the Chinese manage that is a questionmark
The header connectors  seemed of bad quality and maybe later assembled to the PCB
Corroded and some pins where not even fixed.
Might remove those headers .

looks like this but with bad soldering headers..

I can not use signs in the text HTML will make rubbish of it..