Windows 10 running in a virtual PC and projects .. a lot

I installed an older version of VM that one did not resist and installed normally woow!

But after following the instructions to set up a new VM for Windows10
pressing start VM  did abort with the message core engine not found!
I should reload some core engine ... cryptic  nerd crap since the core engine was not mentioned at install as a separate  part of VM
So how can I reload a kernel of VM ???

It is unbelievable this software boys
it is very hard to find logical working software without fatal errors..

The easiest way to explore Windows 10 is installing it in a virtual PC
That is what I read on the internet i agree with that.
Already longer time using Windows Virtual PC  XP  for Simatic S7 PLC software
That works fine.
Simatic software is not what you want to install in your system since it is
short said:  a real pain in the a..  type of install
If "lucky" and Siematic is installed it takes over your PC  with crazy demands like:
Forbidding  to install service packs or anything the Simatic Haub kwartier Befehls..

I also have W2000 in a virtual PC but never used it since W7 is good.

But my attempts to set up a virtual machine  or PC  for Windows 10 id not succeed

Windows virtual PC  install of a W10 iso  32b or 64bit  ended in error :
 it shows the W10 startup logo then after some waiting
the error message end the attempt

Then I tried Oracles virtual machine or virtual box what ever they call it..

But with every attempt the setup is aborted  (as administrator)

The links to try to resolve this problem are broken!

It still is a big challenge  to run the t-preview of W10...

I never tried W8   i did not see any advantage to install a new OS that has less functionality
against W7
Reading the articles about W8 confirms my impression about that.
 W10 is a repaired version of W8

Now I am writing my diary..what more things i came across:

Trying to refurbish an old guitar.
With new snares.
When watching TV a sudden very loud bang from the corner where the guitar stud.. a final chord.

Now at this point it would be nice to easy insert pictures using Googledrive?
Google+ ?? That took over the former Picasa webalbum that I used before.
Or how they are all called I get confused by programs that have almost similar names and functionality
Picasa did not made it easy using pictures with your blog or mail.
First you had to "export" them and choosing a format/size.
Google drive seems still in development might be good in future it is strange that this Google blog can not use google drive?
Dropbox does work if you manage to find your saved picture back. let's  see
i started my attempts  at 11:10..
importing from Google drive is not possible as expected.
importing from dropbox is possible but the pictures uploaded never arrived
so again HTC share to dropbox..
yes it is 11:33 i have the pictures  must be the aging...

Guitar cleaned and with new steel snares   sounding great again! 

But after 1 week it ended in a sudden bang
I red about using steel snares on an acoustic guitar some say they use steel snares without problem
but others report  damage like this.
It seems that the steel G string needs more tension to tune.
All  together have 20kg more Nm to the nylon.
Now i learned my Guitar is made of red Cedar because there was the typical delicious sweet smell  of red cedar this wood is strong and light but its fibers did tear apart  too easy.
I once made a ruder blade of red cedar wood,  fantastic wood I did no found the fibers come of that easy then
So no steel for this guitar..

An other partly success   my car project
the repairing of the Opel Vectra B caravan 16V16 .
The parking brakes are replaced.

the reluctor rings only 2€ each!  but I have seen them for 45€ also.
They fit perfect after heating just a bit hammering to position
But to get this wheel axes in out and in is an other story.

 The parking brakes replacing them  needs 4 mecanic's  3 of them trying to control the springs of this very primitive system while the  4 places the brake shoes
They cost only 10€ 4 pieces..

The ABS error is gone after placing a new "reluctor ring" .
But I can not yet get the last air out hydraulic system.
Repairing older cars not being an oldtimer is economic not attractive since prizes of  2nd hand cars including an approval paper is very low  for 1000€ it is possible to get a good driving approved car.
The government changed the rules for oldtimer tax back to a normal car  = extreme level
So another thing that makes living a bit more pleasant is taken away.
For no other reason then the economic.
Owning a car without driving it is punished with 100-200€ / month.
 Cars and life could be a lot cheaper but our alone our tax administration  is bigger then the one of f.i. Canada and needs endless tax.
And still the fuel prize is is higher then in neighboring Germany for what reason we are both in the
EU  the fuel is shipped in from Rotterdam
Euro95 fuel     DL i= 1.42€ / liter   NL 1.58€/l  today 3-5-2015  as long as I know it always was cheaper in DL
A simple economic calculation our € is 11€ % cheaper the the German €

An other project that was on the shelf for some months.
Finished my Arduino SWR/Power meter project almost...

Building it in a decent case and making it work took more time then thought.
It is quite difference assembling a nice complete kit  like the component tester
Even assembling the K3 was easier!
But then that's the electronic hobby to find out and puzzle how to get the best result.

first with D9 connector this I did not like

display backlight is automatic activated upon signal

Did not utilize a standard shield but soldered the UNO direct on custom experimental board. 
saving space for an 9V battery option  i have to take it apart again to cut of the board..
 I did use the colored connection wires and header pins to make it easier assembling disassembling.
These came also from mini in the box China very cheap but the connectors are low quality.
Preferred  the old 5-pole-DIN type connectors  over the D9  data types.
The mini din would be good too possible. 
The power is applied over the mini din USB the HTC type 

using 5pole DIN now with the detector part direct on it. It can be taken out together with the connector that makes it easier.

It works but I have not seen  yet an SWR value other then 1:0 ..
Both input channels seems okay A0 A1

And found that the directional voltage out is a bit too high with the used toroid transformers.
Possible the AL is to high for this.
8W 145MHz  gives 6V already   and the Ge detector diodes have restricted reverse voltage 30V abt.
So need to replace this trafo's
Even at 475kHz the voltage was way to high.
But... hmm the Voltage should only depend on the transform ratio not the  permeability.
I have 2x 100ohm chip R 0.5W parallel to terminate the current transformer.
So why to high Voltage have to reduce the winding ratio

Then still have not been able to fix the 4M PA
I replaced the damaged BLF177  easy with the SD2931-10 type a similar  50V 150W type MosFET
Could adjust the bias again at 0.5-1A  though i had to reduce the gate control voltage quite a lot against the BLF177 Phillips type

The same output result max 100 120 was reached
But then...
I switched the TX to off  without output  and bang!  somewhere  no fuse blown
No more bias no more output...  the FET was blown without over current.
That could be over voltage but no power applied at the moment of switching.
And this T/R switching does happen many time during normal operation.
No oscillation issues  since i modified the gate drive circuit with a  balun short piece of thin coax through a bin-ferrite core VHF type AL
The BLF177 since that mod was working unconditional stable
Though the efficiency was a bit low 50%
Dutch RF design reaches over 60% when asking them about.
Possibly not using  ATC capacitors in the filter part reduce the performance.
But now I have 1 SD2931 left but dilemma i do not dare to test it.
Power supply voltage 13.4V 55V (unloaded)  is normal no fault
By passing the PA now having max 10W

Must be Murphy law that strikes again.  After working without problems 1 year and more now it is kicked out just at the start of May where the ES season supposed to start..
I think the NXP Philips BLF177 is more  stable  then the SD2931
Since this BLF177 is working in the same condition for 2 years and also was exposed to oscillations mismatch during building the PA.
I could run key down long time with 120W without overheating.
But I never could bring the efficiency from 50% to a more acceptable figure like 60%