WSPI-leaks" and WSPR at 4M is like Don Quixote

I found the memory leak deja vue I had that one's before.
 WSPR  save all was checked for a test forgot to uncheck it

C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\save
this location is hidden by Windows no easy to find
Microsoft did a good job to hide  data as difficult as possible

2588 files 6.58GB   there they are  each wav is 2.6MB every decode is saved so that will stuff your drive in the end. Only  650MB was left now

the log file containing all decodes can also be found there
This file is not under c:\program files\WSPR\
C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\ALL_WSPR.TXT
It has decoded records and logging of TX period  since 2009
still it is only 42MB no problem at all  those TXT files are very efficient in storing data
they take a fraction of space compared to  MDB or XLS files

It is strange that instantly after installing Googledrive 3GB was gone
And that I did not see this in the drive mapper

so now the HD is healthy again with 7.47GB of  40GB free


The weather changed from spring to rain showers 12C   we are back in Autumn.
6m band has been totally quiet since 2 days

Some HAMS are working in high power beacons for 70MHz
but why not use WSPR RX/TX propagation reporter ??
that is so strange
As if  the VHF community only want the classic chirpy drifting no band plan beacon type

In WSPR a fraction of power can do more and does  automatic reporting reception
what better system can you have to investigate ES/tropo propagation ?

Still beats me why the  VHF  dx ers that hang around every day at ON4KST
do not use their super rigs in WSPR propagation reporter mode when not in the shack?

4M has only a hand full WSPR stations in Europe but I can regularly decode the few who are there.

 The 2 best distances that are decoded daily. 
2015-05-20 12:12  PA0O  50.294465  -14  0  JO33hg  1  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
2015-05-20 10:22  DK8NE  50.294466  -9  -3  JN59fw  10  PA0O  JO33hg  455  326 
  Sometime ago G3SHK  DX over 624km was decoded often.  That was with some more ERP, 10W   2 ele and good antenna's at the DX side. Indicating that better DX must be possible
But Richard has left 4m WSPR    Not everyone wants to play Don Quexot fighting windmills
There are no more 4M WSPR stations at interesting distances.
Instead of wasting time building a classical beacon just use what you already have I would think?
Possible a new generation of HAMS is needed to accept WSPR.

W10  & VB6 in VM Oracle continued
VirtualBox V5.04 beta   WIN10 is installed as VM
base Win7-64b   and  ISO W10 32 bit
after a bios setting was changed to enable Vt-x  I could install W10  as VM
W510  coldboot > wait for Lenovo logo > F1 > security > security chip = enable > Intel(R)TXT = disabled
F10 save

Need to install v5.04 extensions to support USB 1 2 3
V-BOX  must connect the USB devices with "filter"  then they are disconnected from Host W7
In Windows Virtual PC in a VM the resources of the Host are still available.
I wanted to test if VisualBasic6 can run in W10 In W8 the VB6 IDE no longer worked.
I could install run and debug with IDE of VisualBasic6
And that seems to work like in W7  some warnings about compatibility
success finally