comport issues

Recently the FTDI USB-serial crashes  when using high power only at 80m
when calling 9Q0HQ  last evening at 3527 that happened again.
I use com4   then N1MM starts to report that COM4 is already in use by some other program or it does not exist

strange message Com4 selected  and working but still no longer used  com2 raises an error
restart of N1MM plus helps that out.

    I found out that Winachsf0 is the laptops Dell420 modem that I have moved up to com30
by default it just picks com3 without further notice.. no problem but why a cryptic name for a modem.

N1MM plus finally has deleted the annoying  error message box loop error.
Those loops  need the task manager to kill them in N1MM classic. The error message causing more problems then the error itself.
From the early versions many times I tried to report this.
N1MM keeps RTTY as logging mode after switching from digi to USB/CW
A small flaw.

I tried a MOXA N-port server with 4 comports over Tcp
f.i. I map the 4 Nports like below
took the 2nd port com2  for CAT in N1MM and it works  K3 CAT online
but CW over DTR did not work only some " dits" come out  no code
But when going to hi-power  tuning at full power with ACOM1000  the CAT stayed online
the TX/RX led continued blinking that was good

I had some trouble to find a good frequency to tune at daylight no dx peditions active
that is where the lids normally tune there rig's ...

So one problem less but a new problem added. no CW possible over com-port with the Moxa N-port
Moxa N-port seems not usable for CAT +CW + T/R

so back to FTDI USB-serial at com4   now  connected direct to an USB port at the laptop  before it was connected to an USB hub
It seems okay now the CAT stays online during hi-pwr tune
still the USB cable needs extra ferrite clamps to eliminate RFI at some bands.


pe0mot said…
Goedemorgen Jaap,
Vaak is het makkelijk om een modem (wie gebruikt er nog zo'n ding) te verwijderen via het serviceluikje waar ook de hd of ram onder zit.

Jack pg7e