Beverage removed

At our first spring type day Beverage removed.  Not nice to remove an antenna but if it has to be the weather was real pleasant for outside antenna work. No snow so far  we had no winter at all.

The 2 wires bi-directional  rolled in but they twisted back again and it took me 2 hours to separately roll up the 2 wires.  Those wires have a strong memory that want them to twist back again.
2 times the wire  broke at weak spots in the struggle to untwist it again.
At initial set up took 2 men all afternoon to untwist this Army field line, a real challenge!
The 80m coax had a half cut and was watered in.
The near switch box  also had some water drops inside , nothing damaged though.
The electrical connection box was not 100% ip65  it looked water tight.

The experience with the Beverage made bi-directional were below expectation.
I could not choose the preferred direction NNE  but it had to be exact West / East
switching E/W showed about 10dB F/B difference clearly switching did work.
I had good reception of HC2AO and HC2FP P40  and  W south  160M  not so good on the N-W TA
No advantage to east UA9 JA not getting stronger.  It is like only West become weaker when switching to East.
Overall not as good as expected sometimes the K9AY was better or even the  vertical when 160m QRN level was low few days.
Also only on the Beverage in W direction  I suffered a rare QRM  centered at 1845kHz  50 kHz wide
that eliminated the possible advantage I should have from the Beverage.
Like switched-mode type QRM but not moving much in frequency and only 50kHz wide.
Possible the 80m long coax give too much loss on 160m  it is lower quality then RG48 when i bought it it thought it was
Possible the cable damage was there un-noticed all the time.

The wire is 2x 450m   measuring 2x 21 Ohm  after repairing  that is  like measured at first in January.

 End conclusion it works a bit.
 Signals from west improved a lot on 630m and 160m
No improvement in oposite direction.
It is certainly better than no Beverage at all.
For next time will try build in a preamp with not to much gain.

Some actual software issues I had last weeks.

An Ip WLAN camera  SRICAM  its page could not be seen at this W510 Lenovo  being in the same subnet.
First after I did enable theW7 firewall again in default settings I could open the page.
Like  Windows is not really disabling the firewall but only disabled showing the dialog to enable an application to pass the firewall.
Is it still blocked by the "disabled" firewall? at least that's what I have to think.
SRICAM page is not visible with IE it says "uninstalled" OCX or some unclear message.
Chrome does open that page normal.
This IP camera was purchased at mini in the box.  39$
I had to pay extra 22.50€  tax and expenses over TAX  at the door to receive it that was un expected.
The Camera is IP WLAN outdoor.  It looks okay and complete.
But its 12V DC power adapter is having high RFI level strong enough to see deflection at a Voltmeter with a simple diode detector close to its case!
So that one has to be disposed.
The real IR night view range only 5m  it needs extra light.
Or buy a better camera.
It is color but I have not seen any color yet.  Grass look like snow day or night.
the picture is VGA resolution reasonable sharp.
After some unclear problems connecting it to WLAN  and loosing connection now it works stable for some days as if it has to learn to work..

Another thing received from Miniinthebox  OBD2  car diagnostic dongle using blue tooth.
HTC bluetooth can not find this device
But yes it is Blue tooth I have rarely seen a BT device that works without  trouble.

Suddenly installing MYSQL runs without error.
That was always ending in an error right at the start off install.
As if it has something to do with the firewall settings.

but still got errors The workbench looks are great
The PostGreSQL manager looks simple in compare but that one does work.   How different this workbench ?  connecting the database asks  for a password that was never set intial?  And how to run a simple SQL command  line?  the help is presenting you with pages of general text without a clue to the requested subject 

An other thing I can not get working  is "simple"  port forwarding to my printer when connected to a router with different subnet.
It should be a simple thing to set in the router EMINENT EM4570
what ever setting it did not work.
Also the SRICAM IP wireless CAM  does only show when connected to  WLAN having the same subnet as the SRICAM
But when I was downtown using the GSM data network I could simply view my Webcam!
Beats me networking is very complex...

HTC one:  After system upgrade does no longer support HTC notes
Unannounced  need to "upgrade"  to "Evernote"  to get your notes back
That request to set up an account  and password.
As if you would lock away your daily grocery notes bit  ridiculous. It is no longer stored local.
Where is it stored is this safe?
So suddenly your possible important notes are not accessible   only after some puzzling you can get them back..

Still  the issue that when returned from digital mode i.e. RTTY  to CW or USB the logging mode stay's RTTY  . I  manually switch the correct mode by typing CW in the input field.
Maybe someone who can reach the N1MM  bug/feature forum can  report this?
I tried many times to report to N1MM  never got response.

Force logging 475 KHz contacts is not possible, never mind 630m never opened  for TA  I have not been on 630m since months now.

 Trying force log the contact with ctl + alt + enter  end up in error.

VK7FG   Flinders Island Tasmanië

easy workable 30m 20m 40m sofar  also with low power.
My Windom with air balun 1:4 did work for it  swr 1: 1.9

   they have smart operators moving away from the
D-QRM Europe is suffering.