what the hack! it was a struggle but got it working agn

Om een heel lang verhaal  kort te maken.  Arduino IDE werkte een poosje goed  direct na de 1e installatie maar hield er ineens mee op. Na een hele hoop gezoek en herinstallaties werkt het nu alleen op een 2e PC weer.

I received my Arduino-uno and its LCD Keypad Shield few days ago.
I wanted to make a LF 475kHz  SWR/POWER meter  using the ON7EQ project.
The software could be programmed to display Watts mW  dBm  Volts  Amperes if needed.

But after it worked a day or 2 I encountered some problems with it.
The IDE runs only the very first time.  After rebooting the PC it never run again!
No way to get it running again re installed the IDE  Java rebooted  etc etc
When I start my project now
the startup screen just hangs for minutes it has to do with Java

after that  the error popup shows:    launch4j

Then the IDE shows with the source  but it responds not or very slow
Compiling is quick downloading takes long ending with failure.
After the first acquaintance with Arduino  I could easy modify and run the SWR/POWER software
very disappointing.
Not a clue yet will have to test it on other system

My first experience with Arduino, after installing the free development software. I connected the USB and it worked right away the display was clear sharp  blue but no text yet.
This is very value for money  and real nice  practical solution for things that need programming.
Easy to start up and running in no time,  well done Arduino!
My programming  experience is Assembly  with intels8085  then  later turboBasic  some Pascal
C ,  Vbasic6  a lot,  VB2000 dotnet  a mistake by MS imho..

I could easy  adapt the code the different hardware with the LCD Key shield.

The next job on the list should be making a directional coupler  suited for MF  475kHz.
The controller /display unit can switch between frequency bands and adapt to different directional coupler's  that is possible in software now.. should be.

Com3 is assigned to Arduino uno in the hardware map.
No problem compiling and uploading the first days.

Until tonight...   COM3 is no more available !
 btw I run Arduino on an Laptop Lenovo W510 W7pro64
The previous problem with com2 being not free for N1MM on an other PC is "solved"  i switched to com4 that port is not yet found by the ? malware

The hardware map does not show an other device using com3.
Show hidden devices is checked.

But the register  WinachsF0   uses com3  huh?
I know the bluetooth arrogance with comports but this one was new for me.
New malware?
Pragmatic would be just to change the comport  but I want to know what caused this.
I did reconnect the Arduino USB it finds COM3
I did reboot the PC changed comports all I tricks of the book i know of.


what is it?  not many hits with google

have to cleanup the serialcomm in the registry in this Lapop too

still it can not use its own assigned Com3  the  ghoost com3 user is deleted in the registery
but still some unknown stealth process is using com3  that can only be the crashed Arduino IDE entity itself ?

By doing this I noticed a new device warning not seen before

Keyboard_filter_01  with a ? mark
that should have something to do with "local policy settings"
run gpedit.msc
 Move to Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemKeyboard Filter.
only problem is:  the Keyboard Filter is not existing  that might be causing the error no way  to change or ad a keyboard filter.

This deep under water Windows mechanism I was not aware of
those settings can play with your system and make every computer day to a complete difference experience...

Arduino IDE starts up slow the first welcome message displays a minute or so
Opening the extra tab down for the comport setting takes a minute to respond
something is wrong...

Re-install Arduino?     Try to the windows random visible hidden Dowload directory hidden behind user setting  one of the annoying things of Windows.
And that bloody entering full page when moving a window to the top of the screen.
That is leading the list of annoying  Windows "features" this makes the  usable screen even smaller.

I have re-installed in C:\HAM\Arduino   as administrator did not help.
I run W7-64 sp1  on a Lenovo W510 quad core
Java and bluetooth   2  systems that cause many problems should be involved with the problem.
I am not the only one facing this problem.
That made me feel just a bit better... first time it worked fine although a remember that it took long to open a project.

this is copied from Arduino community


I am using Arduino Mega 2560 R3, running on Windows 8 Pro 64bits.

Every time I want to open the Arduino 1.0.5, it will take time and in the end the popup error of "Launch4j - An error occurred while starting the application." showed.

I have tried some suggestions from this forum such as editing the preferences.txt, using a.cmd, install/reinstall, but the same issue still occurred.

So, anyone have any possible solutions to solve this issue?  =(

Thank you very much.

They talk about 2 different faults one is that the Arduino USB  device is not recognized as comport
That is not my problem the device shows in the device map as Arduino Uno (COM3).
Of course then it has to deal with bluetooth malware  but that is a known issue.
The other is that the Aduino IDE is very slow and  gives the launch4j error.

Installed now on an other Laptop  Lenovo X60 Win7pro sp1
Arduino Version 1.0.6 is needed the younger versions lacks the LCD_keypad.h.

It took looong time to install.
The Chrome browser did slack up it took some time to dismiss the hanging browser.

Then the USB-serial driver was installed that took another 10minutes...
It did assign to com6

Arduino started with a message to pass the firewall.
And this time relative quick the IDE showed up ... pfff no launch4j error  woow!
But took com1  by default? can't use it that is the  physical system port.
The program respond normal this time for choosing an other comport
In the IDE listbox no com6!  huh the driver just installed on com6 !
But (wellknown...) com3 was in the dropdown list so I changed the settings to com3

Compiling okay  download still no success ....
the message came with instruction to manually install the USB driver
you have to select    arduino.inf   it is hidden in the driver map.

It takes all the tricks and skill to let a simple USB data transfer work...
Manualy search for the Arduino driver
After the first promising easy start nothing but trouble with the IDE
After many times changing and uploading the Arduino
All I wanted was change the bridge signals to higher Analog inputs since the Analog in0 is dedicated by the keys.

Do I have to give up the SWR project until Arduino does  have a W7 IDE that works?
 First I did some other jobs  to let it rest.

Later I installed on an other PC  a lenovo X60 W7pro32
in the default C:\program Files\
Finally it worked again   after some re-installs and comport issues
Still no clue why it can not run on my faster 64b machine.
 Is it W7-64, JAVA ,ARDUINO or all 3 together ?

Hoping that the IDE software problem can be solved of course
I started with the detector head for MW to 70MHz
Using a design that uses biased BAT85 Shotky diodes
 ordered an Arduino Nano + LCD  at Mini in the box incredible cheap and no shipping costs.
Also I found a small size Clover  2x16 LCD  1€

The blue toroid has about 2.8 uH  /winding  and 700uH at 16 wdgs  that must be sufficient for 475kHz
At Van Dijken Electronica in a big box with unsorted toroids I found these having the highest AL.
Almost the smallest had the highest AL . A L measuring device indispensable. Appearance does not give any indication about the magnetic values. Some almost exact equal blue rings had only 0.8uH / winding
I did not found criteria for the current and voltage transformer toroids in SWR measuring heads.
I think the ferrite AL value must be high enough to work in the low range.
The toroid is transforming low power so it only has to be big enough to let the coax-line pass trough.
Like the 5-6 mm outer diameter low loss gas-filled 50Ohm type that can handle 1kW.
Both cores have to be matched as close as possible.
My 630m /475  antenna current pickup transformer is using a yellow/white core that are found in sm-power supplies.  That worked well those cores do not have very high AL values
below 1uH /wdg.  So possible the blue one I selected is not suited for the whole range 0.1 - 70MHz?