SSD drive installing

Now  the prices of SSD are dropping  f.i. SAMSUNG EVO  500GB 230€
My  HD had "only"  20GB  free space plus my external backup crashed did me decide to move to SSD.
 I had only once used a SSD until now in a Panel PC 64GB  

after installing Samsung 500G EVO SD

performance index went from 5.9  to 6.5  the video is now the slowest part
drive went from 5.9 to 7.7
I followed the SAMSUNG installation procedure that came with the drive.
I did not have the special SAMSUNG SATA-USB cable.
but Connected the SSD over USB to the SATA interface of my defective ADAT 1TB USB drive.
The disc clone operation takes over 3 hours for 285GB with a transfer speed 20MB/sec using the USB3 port to the Sata USB interface this one was not USB3 speed I think.
Samsung migration does not copy the  Windows memory image files they are not needed.  That saves unnecessary 10GB date transfer.The recycle bin was not skipped. I my case 13.5 GB...
Once installed the SAMSUNG software needed an upgrade to the latest version.
First time the transfer interrupted after 2 hours then I started again and left it running in the night.
The drive did not show up in Explorer also not in EASEUS drive manager..
Only the Samsung migration program found the SSD drive.
It was not so clear to me whether Samsung Data Migration program would make the SSD a cloned bootable W7 drive
 I could not believe it was that simple and it worked!  it took some time to transfer the clone possible with an original USB SATA interface that cold be faster.
Until now I thought that to make a copy of the Windows drive/partition  the O.S. has to be shut down because some files can not be copied when in use.
More confusion comes because Samsung migration tool also notifies that files in use might not be copied correct.
When Googeling on this subject the advised procedure was to use Macrium reflect freeware disk backup / imaging program it looks nice. Then with this program make a LINUX rescue CD and  a disk image saved to an External USB drive with sufficient free space of course .
The PC must boot with the recovery CD  and then the image should be copied to the installed SSD
This is a bit confusing. Why using a relative complex procedure if the Samsung migration program could do it direct?
Next morning I found the cloning was finished successful..
I replaced the HD with the new SSD  used a soft rubber strip to fix it in its place.
The original HD is thicker and heavier too.

The drive was booting normal
After boot SAMSUNG magician message showed up
This is a managing tool for the SSD  Possible It can improve the performance.
Not optimised the sequential read test was 279MB/s  it can be to 540MB/s
the sequential write 248MB/s  relative low ? 
I do not know what value is good for my System Lenovo W510 quad 1.73GHz 12GB ram

a better look
Magician noted that my Laptop did not support SATA3 mode  6Gb/s  but SATA2 3Gb/s
meaning this laptop can reach 3000000 b/s  or 300Mbyte/s "only"
But I could check the "rapid mode"  and then the performance test shows
 630  544 MB/s
 anyway much faster then HD  100MB/s   but if could have been > 1000MB/s  with SAT3...

I switched back to the original 57Wh battery-pack    the  94Wh pack is nice but heavy
I use to carry Laptop in a backpack al together 10kg now 9kg ..  

I am now working with my new SSD 500GB. 
At first the boot of Windows was not very much faster .
Possible the OS  has to be aligned ..  that was also mentioned when googling
This was new for me  When installing Windows new from the CD  Windows is installed Aligned.
Meaning the disk partitioning is aligned with Windows system files that should make it work faster.
To check if your Windows is aligned  use MSinfo32  then the drive information shows
start offset of partition devide this by 4096  it should result in an integer value..
But then what to do if in my case the result is a fracture value?
And an other thing why should that be important for an SSD that has no moving parts to address all sectors?  no further explanations found yet to this subject.

A good tool to show what is consuming your drive space  is a program called
Spacesniffer  V
Shows a Brilliant  graphic map of the HD or SSD
BTW Magician does not let me paste screendumps to Picasa to show here
if anyone still reads or finds this blog interesting.

Oh yes this morning  got up early for 80m TX6G  but no sign of them. This is about the last day to catch them the expedition ends April 1
I found TX6G phone 17m  18135kHz  Spaghetti mode again!
5kHz  small uplink overloaded with EU callers.  They where 56 with me  only South Europeans  were picked up  EA1 I6 CT etc  from a giant pile of callers every 1 or 2 minutes... arrrrgg 
This type of operation does exclude NW-Europe callers unless running extreme hardware.
 Where were the real operators?  resting or cycling?
And that  was the best thing for me to do also..

Much later in evening when  back home  TX6G was now 18091 CW   but very weak just could copy
still huge pile.
But this time I was heard in the pile   now 7 bands CW  80 missing.

Also ZL7AAA was still on 18160 phone  much stronger than TX6G  and still a big pile.
but even here I was copied  when the ON station was told to stop calling,  my call was copied correct
woow Chatham    our ultimate DX 19000km almost
Strange behaviour when you hear ZL7AAA  repeatedly clearly calling for PA0?  PA0OP ?  but still you call over the pending contact and make a simple quick  QSO    difficult and unneeded slow.