ARRLDX SSB some notes

No free spots to find on the bands 14MHz is crowded  except   around 14230
But that is the TV channel!   24x7 TV  don't you dare to start a cq  on top of the continuous digi TV transmissions!    

Had to move above 29MHz to find a  more or less clear freq.

east / south east EU  always S units stronger
Propagation did not favor NW-EU   as usual.
 HG3M  reporting 59005  5Watts ! having  run on 40m
a joke I believe 5 is 5K   or are they using the old shortwave BC stations?
running 50kW  or so?  
So watch if this HG3M is entering the QRP class it is 100% cheating

SSB is not my thing but for the ARRL I make an exception
And phone  does not have the RBN spots so it is way more difficult to find new multy's in the very very crowded bands
Bad timing  to have an Aurora disturbance  at Friday evening just before the start.
Still 28 was good open  including   CA AZ and had some modest runs. 

US1I   7129kHz tonight
He gave 599 010  that means 10W  how can we ever compete  ? 
Nobody tonight answered my CQ at 40m when running 400W

 or is it 10kW? then I understand a bit more

Auroral disturbed propagation
Calling  QRP  CQ phone in a very crowded noisy band in a contest running 10Watt  and having actual USA answering almost to weak to copy while they are running full legal power or at least a decent PA my guess.    
It is all  hard to believe  for an honest ham.
 It is like ice skating in the old days against DDR sporters  they use EPO
and we have peanut butter only.

With this type of propagation  I can only work the mega contest stations
running stacked yagi's at 40m  running a CQ is useless  
Only at 28 i had some runs
I am not equipped for this type of phone contests

  • ERP ERP ERP and more ERP that's what matters

The Mediterranean area does not seem to suffer under geo magnetic disturbance    I heard  9A  running 10Q / minute at 40m
  But this Sunday morning 28M seems fully recovered direction VK ZL JA a lot of 
WSPR reports I hope for good signals this afternoon/ evening


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Als die stations nou 5 elements 40m beams hadden op 40m hoogte kan ik me er nog enigzins wat bij voorstellen. Maar op internet is weinig te vinden. Ja dat US1I een hoop QRM veroorzaakt. M.a.w. het zal wel 10kw geweest zijn. 73, Bas

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