ARRL DX CW weekend

The ARRL is the mother of all Radio contests dating back to 1927 following the early Trans Atlantic tests started  1920

Hiram Percy Maxim, founder of the ARRL, ca. 1914.
Hirham was a well equipped radio amateur having a 1kW Tx but the range of radio contacts was only a few 100 miles in those days that is why radio messages had to be relayed over more points. And so he founded the ARRL the American Radio Relay League.

If he could see that now in 2014 with just a 100W Tx all of USA VE and the rest of the world could be contacted in just one weekend!! 

This year is the 100th anniversary of the ARRL b.t.w!

In this 100 years we have seen the invention of Radio

my 2014 ARRLDX CW results.
The goal is to work all States of USA and Canada with maximal contacts.
USA an VE call districts and States on 6 bands  160/80/40/20/15/10m

Propagation   very good on 10 and 15 the high band propagation ended early Sunday evening just long enough for the ARRL test
After Saturday  28MHz WAS  almost complete 
W.A.S. should have been possible in one day  propagation wise
but AR  DC WA could not be filled in at 28MHz   
Sunday evening heard Washington well but too late to catch.
We had to go out for dinner 
so the SS best time Sunday missed   band closed earlier
Low power  K3 100W   not "400" (...)

DC District Columbia not heard on any band or seen on cluster
My mostly S and P type of contesting would be  very much harder without RBN cluster support.

a strange QSO  ON6LEO  in LB Labrador with a Belgium callsign?
I asked for confirmation but ON6LEO confirmed LB   
And I could work North and South Dakota in just 1 minute on 28MHz
normally a very hard job to do.
I had the real time contest reporting on
It was a close race with my neighboring HAM Peter PA4PS  he with beam to USA had better runs.  If I had not a better 40 80 setup I would loose our little competition. This USA VE  contest benefits directional antennas of course.
Before dinner I had 100k  more I thought that was enough margin... but Peter did great runs..

Wel weer heel veel tijd aan radio besteed.
Vooral de nacht op 80 en 160 hakt erin  op de andere banden zijn de optimale tijden smiddags en savonds een beetje normaal.
de 1e nacht was de propagatie nog het best de 2e nacht heb ik gewoon geslapen..
Nou ja je hebt ook mensen die zich een half jaar laten opsluiten Utopia.
Of het hele weekeinde in de kroeg zitten..

Even Sotsji  schaatsen kijken alweer een Nederlands podium het word haast gênant  weer 1 2 en 3 


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Leuk stukje Jaap. Heb niet meegedaan. Ben ook geen CW man. Komt misschien ooit nog eens. 73, Bas
Bernard Zuidema said…
Hoi Jaap.
Zag jouw scores en die van Peter heen en weer vliegen...leuk joh.
Top te zien wat jullie beide werken qua qso's.

Ben geen echte CW dus voor mij.Verder dan 378 ben ik niet gekomen,maar ben er erg blij mee.
73's Bernard PB7Z
ON5ZO said…
LB = Limburg :o)