S57A 474 kHz V63ZM 80 cw

Most activity was in WSPR  but some CW QSO have been made using the FLEX1500 at 474.200kHz
I need to make a X-verter  for this band anyway since the Flex is having some spurious  6.5kHz +/-
Pity it looked an easy way to be on this 630m.
I received this nice card.  I have been long time in Slovenia near Ormoz Ljutomer Ptuj  Jeruzalem I know the area a bit good memories.


Yesterday I was attending 80/160 Sunset here 
Heard V63ZM  starting CQ at 3507    real nice signal  peaking 579
Despite I called right from the start when the cluster spots did not yet reached the 80m QRI folks to initiate the ZOO.
He worked almost exclusively OK UA I  few    DL's  ( close to OK I guess)  
I tried  all the tactics,  calling at QSX  just after a QSO  ( not on top as the usuals do...)  called little above  or below QSX or in a clean QSX freq .  But sometimes it feels like they do not want to hear you  .
Like this time.
I was only dreaming of having a 4 square and a kW at every leg..
But it's only nice DX  no drama only frustrating such good signal.
Possible it was a slim?  Worked at 30m  also very very touch to get.
They are running to much power for their RX capabilities.. 



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