Propagation a random mechanism ..

Friday 19 there was exceptional good 80M   grey-line propagation
500mW decodes by VK7DIK and  VK6XT
Just out of the blue  1 day super SS   after weeks with  maximum DX around 1000km in EU
Since the 19th all back to normal  absolute null DX  10 6 4 80m

First tonight  1 decode again by VK7DIK and  early morning N2NOM on 80m
2013-07-27 19:06  PA0O  3.594047  -22  0  JO33hg  5  VK7DIK  QE28sf  16731  84 

it was almost a radio blackout last week I even switched off the WSPR mode one day  after being on air almost continuous 2 years  it was the deepest dip in propagation this year  last week.


1.Lenovo W510 audio annoying intermittent contact
My W510 Lenovo Laptop had a problem with the build in left speaker an intermittent  bad contact  by pressing upon the speaker the sound could return but only for a few minutes.
This Lenovo already has a weak sound  system  we have 2 Lenovo laptops both have a weak audio.

The speakers are only  about 2.5x 1.5 cm and sealed in tiny plastic boxes.
I opened the PC a checked the speaker assembly nothing unusual vissible.
The speaker assembly is   a genius small construction that exactly fits in the very small place besides the keyboard.  But it is to small to produce much dbA.
The assembly is offered at ebay as low as 5$   +20$  shipping
Normally this can only be fixed by replacing  but to see if the unrepairable could be fixed
I opened the left speaker with a knife   found a broken wire at the very small speaker connection strip.
This looked like possible to repair only I had to pick up and pull out the wire and solder it again.
So finally sound is back at both sides.

2. Satellite tuner

The Xarius combo HD satellite tuner  hangups during zapping
Now I delivered it back to the shop since it was not possible to change the channel without having it hanged up.

We still have KPN Digitenne to watch TV  but in low quality  and having the SCART type connectors I can not transmit at HF with reasonable power without TVI..
That is the advantage of the absence of propagation there is no need to use the radio ..
This Digitenne digital TV/Radio receiver is also a low quality device having an annoying video interference in the audio. And the receiver is extreme RFI sensitive.  5Watt on 80m and already the receiver gets nervous. I have noticed KPN  about this  a year or so ago but no response until now.

I  purchased an RF modulator to be able to watch on the small TV in the kitchen since the modern devices do not offer the simplest functions any more.  I was surprised it worked right out the box..

3. HTC  Desire smart phone
yesterday 3 hangups to get it working again the accu has to be removed.
The screen blacks out or can not be controlled any more.
This happens random and more and more frequently possible a build in timer is active to let you decide to buy a new smart phone..
I have updated to the latest  Android version 2.2.2  this phone can not use version 4
This phone has nice functions but installing APP's  is restricted by the small internal memory !
only 4.91 MB available. The SD 4GB can only partly be used for applications .. that is smart!
Still the rule of opposite is valid for modern electronics
If a device advertises it self as being smart or fast the opposite is the case...
An annoying slow boot  of his HTC  and just when the screen message
"brilliantly quiet"  appears  a very loud  welcome sound frightens you and people around...