DL 6M digimode TX is allowed now

Finally we had a clear sunny day. But we are experiencing  the coldest May since 1901!
The temperature can go to minus C  tonight! crazy cold 23 May almost June. 

Newly  DL got permission to transmit in digimodes at 6M.
And also they are allowed to go below 50.085  MHz
Still the power is limited to 25erp only
But that was absolute no limit to the DX  results of some HAMS...

F  can use the whole 50-52MHz now

1904 -19 -0.2  50.294553  0 DF9CY JO54 33    my first DL decode.
Hope for more action at 6m  now with lots of well equipped HAMS in DL to TX WSPR  6m.

tonight heard  50001.6  Z21SIX in KH52nd very weak but ID copied
If that was a WSPR beacon it would be reported easy. 

Last year June 6M WSPR was going few evenings stateside

120625 2228  23  -7 -0.4  50.294520  VE1JF FN74 57    
120628 1854   3 -27 -0.6  50.294471  KA1MDA FN32 37
120628 1906  14 -15 -0.5  50.294471  KA1MDA FN32 37
120628 1922  11 -18 -0.6  50.294471  KA1MDA FN32 37

best day June 28 2012  7 decodes
WSPR keeps track of all decodes  but  the WSPR.ORG  database does not keep all decodes that long it is limited.
So only my decodes can be traced back

3B8CF  again worked in JO33 square

No sign that A92IO will ever be back again. Only short skip signals at 4M.