3B8DB 50.110 new dxcc after long time

3B8CF  just 2 days later the 2nd Mauritian active in the 6m log!
woow never would imagine that.  


A92IO was worked first time in PA   by PA2M  congrats the best possible 4m DX  
Only 200km south  of JO33hg  but this make a big difference in the ES propagation at 6 4 and 2m always.


Very nice to hear Taher  from Mauritius  a new DXCC
The  first TEP (+ES) signal at 6m here and possible also the best since Maritius was never heard.

My last new DXCC was 
13-jul-11 19:49 SV/a SV2ASP/AMount Athos

QSB down from 559 to 519  but QSO just before the signal faded complete.
You never know if this was the only occasion for 3B8  or more openings will happen. That makes it exciting. Not being in South-EU where TEP is a common evening propagation during many months in the season. We have to be there at right time May to June to catch one of the rare openings where a new DXCC might be in reach.
Like TJ  never heard here. But almost daily reported in S-EU with big sigs.

Also had the first ES QSO at 4M the same evening with
20130515 1518  70200.2 USB   IK0SMG          59  jn61gp
heard I0JX beacon in ROMA

Again long path 10m to VK1KF  22:38 and 22:56  
Longpath DX  is it not simply  40000km - Shortpath ?

VK1KF  dxsp= 16477   lp=40000-16477= 23523km 
that's  more like it  ;-)

10M is was very good in the evenings with long path to VK several times

Meanwhile we are suffering lowest May temperatures since 1972