TX5K 9 bands CW complete

I am bragging a bit, it was not such a difficult thing even with the simple antenna's here it could be done. All DX QSO's are easy if the operator and rigs on the other side are as good as at XT5K. Also the DX path is not the most difficult one.
Morning for 160 80 40 30 and afternoon and evening for 20 17 15 12 10.

Friday afternoon 10m was the missing band this time I started right at their QSX  2 call's only and 10m CW was checked.
If  I had known that I would not have chased the impossible weak signal at 10 Yesterday evening although it was odd to hear them at 10m that late hour.
Friday afternoon good signal  CW    no SSB heard at 10
Listening  12 15 and 17m phone I realised that a phone QSO was not realistic.
 By numbers  arrrgg ! huge piles with low QSO rate.
 Glad to have them CW on all bands.
Thanks to super CW operators with good ears for EU in the more difficult zones behind the Italians and other 599+20  county's.

Saturday morning
Heard at 10137 RTTY  but serious jammed by someone who seem to know how to jam a RTTY signal.  Every time TX5K came back an exactly keyed carrier on the mark or space came in no copy possible.
At 7182 kHz LSB good copy and the only phone QSO for me.

TX5K  strongest signal here was at 3533 earlier this week 579.

H44G was on 14005 CW  up 1-2   569 very good copy  but  to me it seems all H44  are deaf ?   heard H44 with good signals several times but only 1 time I could get through the 9+ noise barrier?