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The good old CHKDSK saved me

Installing S7 Simatic V55 sp3  from my external HD ended in a crash.
Installing Simatic software is a.p.i.t.a.  
It takes hours and often ends premature with cryptic  error messages

 you have no sufficient rights to access
 ... the program you are just installing as administrator!..
Or   invalid drive E: while you are installing from DVD drive F:  ...

Since installing from DVD station F:   was terminated with error msg no access drive E:  
I thought to be smart and copied the install program to my USB drive 1T ADATA   as drive E:
This time the drive E: access error did not appear 
The install stopped in a crash anyway
I was not surprised  it is a Siematic install..
After that my USB HD was damaged  no access possible
Win Explorer freezes when trying to open ADATA CH94 (E:)
that was now renamed to E: only

the message:  drive E: has to be reformatted to use it..

That would mean complete data loss   350 GB   of  931GB

Googeling  I hit on using chkdsk /f e:    in the commandbox
 it must be done in the execute box above.   I did not work for me to open  a dos cmd box and give the same chkdsk /f e:   command line command.
 then an error msg about having no rights to execute this command  typical  windows  stops you..

Eureka ! even when W-Explorer is unable to see the USB drive E:  
chkdsk /f e: started working 
After 1 hour  my 1 Tbyte drive was back alive without loosing data.
that's better..

I must  say  next time  I tried this  I got the message that  my rights So try  chkdsk /f  {drive:}  first  before starting the destructive solutions that are recommended to you.
Even the ADATA site only  recommends their repair tool  that implies complete loss of data.   
The good old DOS command chkdisk does it free of charge  and can save your data.

No news about DX we have lost all propagation here.
DX peditions are only worked in the  easy parts in S-E Europe.
Roaring wind around the house  freezing cold. Crazy weather.
Flowers and birds having  very touch time again.
Some species  disappeared from the new arctic area we are living in.On the other front our government is making life  as unpleasant as possible 


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SPF5189z Low noise preamp 23cm

14-4-2018 updated

Above the low noise  preamp 50 - 4GHz    ebay  6€

Tested  2 small porto antennas
1 Baofeng UV antenna left   2nd best signal on PI2NOS
2 eBay DIAMONDSRH805S  wide band 144/432/1200  it works for its size as expected
3 piece of wire :   best signal in the setup...

Unit under test at workbench.
It was stable  50mA  at 5V   few days,  but sudden the current went up to 100mA
And i could  no longer adjust it with the negative bias Voltage.
The - Voltage went to zero and the SPF input port became low Z.
This SPF5189z was broken  no oscillations, no input overload just it broke while i was receiving the PI2NOS 430.125 using a small antenna at the workbench.

The specs of  SPF5189z  say it has an internal circuit  regulating the bias current.
Replaced . again   with an other of the 5 spare SPF i have.
The new one again could be adjusted at 50mA  5V 
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Where is that internal bias circuit ?
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Measuring the cable only 3W is left for the antenna of the 10W 435MHz output from a IC451E
The cable is 30m type H100 Z50 10mm outside diameter it is semi air-spaced but has an impossible 4mm² solid CU inner conductor not much air left. I preferred the H43 Z75 cable having lower loss and mechanical better ratio in conductor size but it is no longer selling i think. This H43
3W should be enough for a comfortable noise free FM signal. But only 27km away at PA0A the signal is weak too weak something must be wrong? I made a simple reference dipole of 2x17cm CU wire.
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