Contesting without internet, hard to get used to that again.
I became much depending on the ease of having the cluster spots and all other support of  internet.
The band map is empty you have to search your self.

Strong signals and interesting DX in the FOC contest.
Do FOC  members ever work low power
10m was good open to W and Caribbean. But not much BSCI activity on 10m.
Reasonable propagation good strong W's on 80M
FOC  contest is a bit a strange thing.
Excellent operators excellent signals mostly Anglo Saxon HAM's
It is a bit out of line with the HAM idea. An exclusive elite group using the HAM bands for a member only contest.
But it is good to hear that good operators are still plenty.

378 Q  80/40/20/15/10
Preparing  a beam for 15/10  a 4 ele light construction.
but in this type of weather I will be on dipoles only in our PACC contest next weekend.

I hope  to be reconnected to the internet by then.
Another useless visit of an technician and a couple more phone calls I was  promised  ( again) that on Monday 08:00 P.M. I will be reconnected.  I do not have to take action  just sit and count.
The 2nd weekend cut off from telephone land-line and ADSL.


  LOTW upload is quick again.
Uploaded the BSCI QSO's  just an hour ago  and I see that LOTW is already showing the contacts quick! something has been improved there.


DaMorseMan said…
Excellent operators keep de-facto DX frequencies clear. FOC recommends its members to contest and chat 25kHz from the lower band edge. So much for "excellence" ... What does the "F" in FOC stand for ?

-- Enno, PF5X