The digital ramadan is over!

2 weekends   8 day's  no internet it was not easy.. a sort of digital ramadan.
 I am very depending to the internet that was made clear.
Finally today after 8 days the telephone over i-net rings.  Yes they managed to reconnect me.
I could not really understand the man's Dutch it sounded as he was calling from Bangladesh.
pheeww.  Something went wrong in "changing the cards"  in the switch box.  I am reconnected with ADSL  VDSL  could not make it.
The cable to the nearest ring-station is 4km.
I knew that already for over 5 days but yes this KPN is working like the government.
KPN stands for Koninklijke PTT Nederland.   Royal Post Telephone Telegraph Netherland.
Only thing left is the royalties they take. And the speed of internet is close to the telegraph. 

Next time I will think twice  before requesting a simple speed change..
Speed test showed about 1MB download  800kb/s  and 80kB upload. Not figures that impress but to me everything more than 0 B/s  feels fast.
To be honest this is an old long  4 wire's paper insulated /led/steel type line  developed 100 years ago or so.
Not so very far back in time it was general thought that 48kb/s modems over a telephone line was the absolute speed limit.

About for 1 billion €  natural gas yearly is sucked away under my province. Yet we see very little benefits.
Replacing this type antique cable's is too expensive and not important for exploration of gas.
That's how we feel about it in Groningen.  

Trying to hear  3D2OU at 3518kHz
very weak with deep and long QSB   like yesterday evening.
Also 3518 has the "Crow" sound  QRM every 5 minutes or so  a 59  digital burst mode sounds like a crow.
And of course  the best DX time  is about 1700-1830 here at sunset.
That happens to be the time a decent citizen is enjoying evening dinner.
Difficult time always something to keep you away from the radio.
After dinner everything is quiet again the weak signals are gone.
The winter time hour shift makes it more difficult to get there at greyline peak.
This time I heard 3D2OU giving reports  but never really copied his complete call signs.
When I came back in the shack they went QRX .... as that happens often.

It is mainly East EU that succeeds a QSO   1 E7  gave 599 !  I'm so free to doubt that.
But certainly a good signal. Probably the figure is coloured by the DX excitement.. 

One  day later Tuesday evening not at 80m but 40m.
7011.8kHz  3D2OU very good copy 569 at least, working rows of UA I YO etc.
gave up after 45minuts I realised I am only adding QRM and the concert of tuners and QRM by the band police was too much for me. I have 3D2OU worked at 30m only now.

Maybe yesterday was a better  signal but I was 30m to late.
A bit too weak to work until now here. A Beverage could do it.

earlier 40m was good   still light outside.

20130204 1558   7009.0 CW   PA0O         539  FK8DD           579 sam                
20130204 1601   7007.0 CW   PA0O         599  BD7LMD          599                    
20130204 1613   7010.0 CW   PA0O         579  KI7VR           579 BRUCE   WA