low bands

Yesterday evening at SS/SR peak
1832kHz  ZL3IX  not a ping here using the K9AY.
Its already one month ago I heard and worked Greg with excellent signals.
Since then the low bands are wiped out here.
I had some issues with the  K9AY  cable was cut  luckily close to the mast connection.
Earth connection loose.  tried another 1:9 transformer.
Last thing  the terminating metal-film R 470ohm replaced.  it was hi-R, no visible damage. 
Everything looks good directivity is normal. Noise level increase normal when connected. Receiving MW 747kHz local BC  +80dB  and directivity here is clearly present.

But it will not receive 475kHz strange enough. The Flex1500 panorama shows only garbage signals.
I had good results receiving 502kHz in the past with this loop.
The vertical antenna is receiving much better at 475kHz

Last night it was a bit better night for 475kHz USA decodes become weaker and weaker. Hope for a decode in EN square is fading.
No USA decodes here since WE6XGR was not on
The season is changing December was better but in the end the Stew Perry was suffering bad props.
It did not recover, last night also Aurora disturbance.

 5 decodes 630m
2013-01-18 04:00  PA0O  0.475780  -26  0  JO33hg  2  WE2XGR/2  FN31ls  5796  292
5 decodes
2013-01-18 02:40  PA0O  0.475778  -28  0  JO33hg  2  WG2XKA  FN33ir  5668  294
7 decodes
2013-01-18 01:20  PA0O  0.475778  -28  0  JO33hg  2  WD2XSH/17  FN42pb  5630  290  


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