LOTW TQSL 113 (not 112 tnx Bas) install on 2nd PC

Very very poor DX propagation this weekend only single hop except for FJ/W6JKV  hrd some time . Friday morning  has been super to JA and HL =first?  at 6m what I heard off but  QRL again wrong timing.   Friday afternoon X-flare  and some weak Aurora
Worked OY3JE  70.200  some ES but in North-East PA  absolute baseline noise at 6m.  I doubt there will be another JA opening here since the Ionosphere need to recover again and then it will be late July ??  I hope  I'm wrong. 
50MHz  has always been very much poorer in the N-E  even if  only 200km more N-E  we seem to be just to much into the auroral zone.  Big antenna's can not compensate this.  Plus having a full-time job and travel al lot the effective 6m DX season compiles to a few hours.  But of course it is nice to have a big antenna system to listen for the local beacons in tropo range.

My  radio-PC was crashed  some weeks ago main-board failure still not repaired.  Now I use the Dell420 notebook. Runs nice and cool    WSPR  WSJT N1MM  PSDR  no RFI detected yet.

I had recovered my N1MM logfile.
I needed to install  TQSL  on this Notebook.
I had my pa0oos.p12  and pa0o.p12 certificate files  backup.
But only the older TQSL111.exe  install.  This  version does not support  newer modes  like WSJT and PSK441,  neither does N1MM of course being a contest logger.
F.i.  having  FSK441 QSO at 4M   N1MM will log the 
Radio mode: USB    
TQSL option:  edit existing ADIF file to edit this to FSK441.  
The latest TQSL112 TQSL113 ( is needed to do this.

I tried to download TQSL112  from the ARRL site  but  I couldn't !  All links ended in the help PDF  whatever I did
The ARRL site explains very well that you have to download the TQSL112 but I just could not find the file itself.
How I managed to download it earlier this year I don't know...   So copied it from the download folder of the crashed PC HD.
that was TQSL113 not TQSL112 my fault.

One "tricky"  thing :  to unlock the  .p12  certificate. I did not use a password to protect them.  But still  you have to enter  the old  blank and new blank password again to pass the
 dialogue :  New password.
Just clicking ok will terminate the process.

Still not running Flex1500 at the W510 laptop   it workes at the D420 notepad.  Reinstalled FLEXradio  PSDR  trying to get it to work again.  But even got a bluescreen after starting PSDR power button. Once it worked, the first time  it was installed.  Must be the wrong kind of software..
I hope there will be an new version soon


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, misschien komt het omdat de laatste versie van TQSL v113 is?
Te downloaden vanaf deze pagina: http://www.arrl.org/instructions/
Toevallig moest ik mijn certificaat vernieuwen, dus kwam er zo achter. Overigens heb ik dat afgelopen week al gedaan, maar heb nog geen nieuw certificaat van het ARRL gehad.
Zal wel een paar dagen duren... 73, Bas
PA0O said…
Ja deze link werkt. Vreemd dat ik het niet kon vinden. Ik had de site er staan en ook de download link maar toch kwam ik weer in de PDF uit. Ik heb niet specifiek naar TQSL112 gezocht Bedankt.
PA0O said…
Ik had 113 toch al geïnstalleerd.. hoe kom ik nu bij 112 die is er nooit geweest?