Qualcomm Goby 2000 it comes and goes nobody knows

Another UFO found! . Unidentified Frustrating Object.
This modem in my W510 Lenovo Laptop   has an GPS receiver
But sometimes its missing without a trace!

 post like the following  are found when googling for this...
No help comes from Lenovo

Qualcomm Gobi 2000 disappeared from device manager (Windows 7 64-bit; T410s; 2904)

the device just disappeared ...
so i installed the new driver wich shall fix that problem : 7xwc48ww


Qualcomm Gobi 2000 Wireless WAN Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) and XP - ThinkPad
<1.1.170/>  (7XWC45WW)
 - (Fix) Fixed an issue where the Qualcomm Gobi 2000 HS-USB Modem 9205 device
         might disappear in the Device Manager.
but it does not help ... device is still gone ...

can anybody help ?    Shure thing Lenovo can not since this problem is not new.
I am not relying on this Modem for UMTS/GPRS LAN like some people do.  I just was interested to see and test the GPS receiver and decoding the data strings from it in  NMEA format. over the comport 11  that is random claimed by this mysterious program that leads is own live on the Lenovo  and is random available or gone.
The WLAN function key fn-F5 does not know about the presence of  a GPS receiver....
 But shows the above   I still do not know The difference between 802.11 Wireless-radio  and the
Draadloos WAN-radio?   to me it is the same thing   is'nt it?

I have installed the latest Qualcomm driver again  and the latest BIOS FW.  That did not bring it back.
But It must have something to do with the power saving or sleep mode. The power configure shows nothing about it. Somewhere in the deep slumps of Windows processes are running that the user can not affect.  The functionality is poor and seems of lower importance than the looks  fits well to the present time we live in.

It has worked some time   after the latest re-install of QC driver.

Then GPS can be started.   Normal , no message like GPS is not supported on this system the application is closed... without any further explanation.

Also sometimes the WLAN suddenly does not connect anymore   Starting  the problem solver for the WLAN  then it comes back with:
"de voorziening voor draadloze netwerken is uitgeschakeld"     saying the provision for W-LAN was switched off..  do you want to switch it in?
Then yes  and it works again.   I did not switch it off  there is no "switch"  for the user.
There is a physical switch on the left side but that one is always on.

And  sometimes the DVD player is just switched off ...  of course there is no "switch" to switch it back in...  After  some rebooting  it will work again with some luck...
 I am not using the DVD player often  but last time we wanted to see a French film
Les Intouchables    over the DVI  on the Sharp LCD FP TV.  That should be an easy job . Plug in the special Lenovo format videoport to DVI cable to the TV. Place the DVD and ready there you go...
Haha... Firsts the DVD was disabled. A red crossmark over it. By the same mysterious thing that is waking over the Lenovo  trying to frustrate al things that should work normal...
I call this an UFO    Unidentified Frustrating Object. A common thing in modern hard and software..
So after some puzzling I could play the DVD and having the TV as an extra monitor.
But...  no sound to the TV only the laptop speakers..
So had to connect a separate audio cable.. Then yes sound onthe TV
But no audio to the audio out RCA plugs  NO sound to my Audio system.
Crazy!  this Sharp has  an army of plugs for Audio and video  3 DVI USB  etc   but the TV did no let me make use of this obvious function. Simply  not provided. We are missing some very hidden setting or  we are dealing here with a prototype software ...again.
The audio out is only active when the source  is the TV it self or the device connected to SCART1 SCART2  is connected to a second TV source the KPN Digitene receiver  and that audio is not send to the output ...  Why not?   someone in Nippon must know more about this. We will never know...