80M loop ?

Propagation  is about as low as it goes   zero almost

max DX WSPR 80 is   890km!  OK2SAM

max DX in EU is 1300km pfff

In this situation  any antenna looks  trash ..

I changed back to the vertical shunt type antenna f.t.t.b.
I lowered the Delta loop..   or is it an inverted delta.
A 80m  wire loop automatic gets the delta / triangle form using 1 high central mast and trees around.

It is very easy to swap and get the vertical up again.
Almost as changing the scenery in a play.
Just lower the loop and up the wire  in a few minutes the loop is a vertical again.
This time I hung the vertical wire closer to he mast.  At the top about 40 cm  separated only.
This way this line is coupled with the steel mast  like a skeleton or  lecher line.
It tunes  SW about 1:1.6 at minimum   for a wire bit shorter then 20m.

But with this absolute  trash propagation  no conclusion  yet about its performance.
I compare my result with other EU WSPR stations like DK4XI always with superb good results on 80
But even DK4XI could just reach Norway  as ODX tonight only.
So I can say I have a comparable result with other EU WSPR's

Possible the wire needs  more separation like 50-100cm or so will try that too.
But this antenna is as simple as can be just a wire stretched  in parallel with the mast.
I like this construction.  A long wire is vulnerable for high wind and icing.

This afternoon TT8TT was heard in PA OZ SM  but I was not home.
But guess it would have been very tough to make it  trough the SE-EU 599 wall. 
Yesterday 6m was totally  closed.
I did not want to waste time in the TT8TT pile  but I had to try with the loop on 80
also not copied. They have high QRM/N noise level  in Africa
Extreme ERP is needed to be copied in TT8.   


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