28MHz a real good day

It cycles up and down  the 28MHz props
last week(s)  very poor.
Complete absent propagation in last Oceania CW weekend.
But some USA decodes showed up these last days. Always a good sign for 28MHz.
Today we got the maximum DX possible  PA<-> ZL
Only thing that could make it an even better day is longpath to VK later tonight.
I have learned that EA CT I  not only have better and longer propagation but also the DX is better >19000 km  ZL<> CT  
EA8 to W6  is a greater distance then from here to W6  I would not have known this but WSPR   showed this.

 2012-10-17 18:28  EA8FF  28.126101  -4  0  IL18pc  2  KO6SY  DM13  9191  304 
 2012-10-17 18:58  N6RY  28.126066  -20  1  DM13id  5  PA0O  JO33hg  8991  30 

We can never beat south EU  in dx-ing on the high bands that's a fact.      
 Pacific ,  VP8 , Caribbean area  is complete absent in WSPR  Possible no one there is interested in DX or propagation?
There is probably even more WSPR activity on Antarctica.  

Tonight  separated 80m vertical a bit more about 1m  from the mast  now awaiting the result tuning was the same bit strange? 
Must be less topp load now I would think.
Maybe the old construction was not as bad as I thought with a 2meter  side arm  
Still  80M in EU zero DX  reports  this sunset!
It looks a straight radio blackout. 
  but I can compare my "local" signal strength  with DK4XI  who is +13dB here  while I am +10-12   there  +13db is about full scale in WSPR.  DK4XI must be using some abandoned SW broadcast antenna ...