The general problem with Dx-peditions  like 3D2C 
There is only 1 dx mostly weak  but there are many idiots around just waiting for such event. 

Like tonight at 40m  no clear frequency longer then a few seconds before the next  QRI starts
3d2c 40m zoo
A very weak signal  that can easily be jammed  from somewhere in EU? were those  lids hide.
And always around prime time  sunset the xyl has plans to go somewhere.
Since I already spent so much time in the shack this is not  unreasonable but the end effect is  I wasted my radio time.
Like this weekend spend quite a lot time in the CQWWRTTY
305 QSO  mostly S&P  10meters

Best propagation was on Saturday 10m was real good. Sunday was not as good bands ended early in Major storm conditions all signals sounded auroral.
Some difficult QSO's I had using  K3 100W  "low power"   and  dipole  should have been with the Steppir  of course.
The log filled with DX mostly 10m   lot of JA.  
Some pileups where too tough for my setup and propagation.
Like KH2T KG6DX VP9I  just the RTTY  calling carriers never stopped after a TU QRZ de KH2T 5minutes just calling stations never heard again... I think the om  just switched of the radio and went out for a walk.
Low bands 160 and 80 have been very poor except maybe Friday 3D2C was worked by  PE5T But since then they switched to Phone on 80 and 40.
Phone and cw  on 80m are  like separate  bands,  75m  and 80m.

3D2C was on 7005  up ?   weak signal but good copy.  Could not make it  into the log.

After 3D2C  went away  ZL3XDJ  Brian cq'n on  7.009   80W in a low loop  peaking to 579!!  I got 599 !  


      3D2C  was very very much weaker  must be wrong time of SS/SR for them??  I never heard them strong.
Then I thought  maybe ZM2B is around 40M RTTY  he must be a real 599 then ?  but no ZL  in RTTY to proof that

Later  3D2C back on 7003 fast cw hard to find QSX   weak only 529  and  QRI all over.
FB operators at 3D2C  no doubt  the operator did move a bit to shake of some lids.  
But its a cat and mouse game  the "cq-ing"   lid was also moving and testing  the "police" was guiding him to the new frequency  just by saying up  they confirmed he found the right QRG  to continue jamming. And even worse the comments.

But main problem to QSO  was the signal weakness  very very  weak signal just max 2 S units .  Band condition  could not be that bad with 579 from ZL? 
Relative easy QSO Phone  28MHz   and cw 10Mhz 
I was hoping to get more bands  but that turned out to be very hard

10 15 20 and 30m    5 entries in the log is the result  40m seems very hard they never responded  3 evenings copied only weak. 
  Tonight again ZL3XDJ heard 569 real  clear copy on the K9AY loop 40M   80W in a loop  beats me!
3D2C must be a bad radio location only 529 539  all the time I heard them.  They must run way more then 80W  else they should copy me at least one time ?