3D2C Conway reef

3D2C 28.495 

heard/wkd  with dipole  N/S  
15m was relative easy  21.020 cw

But 30m weak  and jammers plus even worse the "police"
making clear copy almost impossible.
3D2C 10.105 jamming as usual

Friday 28025  539 QSO not possible here  long time copy

Why I had to get the 599 fro 3D2C I have no reasonable explanation.

But after  many many calls in the log at 12:15 finally..
Back to the radio after few hours break.
Still hearing them 529 539 not strong but also not much weaker then hours before. Just happen to catch them with Aart PA3C  also heard calling long time. 
Just before the signal definite faded out  afther 4 hours being a good Q5 S 1-3  that was special anyway for 10M  to Oceania.
The data QRM  was gone most tuners where gone.  Who would start a data QSO  experiment  in the middle of the CW part and then exact on top of  3D2C  ??  while there is so much free space on 28??    

later in  evening at 10.105  a remarkable good signal of 3D2C
CQ  no takers!  It sounded real no slim like heard earlier on 7.005 3D2C 599 clearly a slim.   took me a while to find the uplink
 easy QSO here.
Also they have been reported at 3525 in EU  but I was too late for the SS peak here.

I have changed my Satellite  TV  setup here to have a better HAM resistant TV reception.
I replaced the SAT tuner with SCART interface for a HDMI type receiver.
Had to replace the disk too after 10 years the LNB holder was rusted.  We have Astra (1) 19.2E  and ASTRA 3A 23.5E  here 
Using a combo LNB  with fixed 4.3 dgs offset.  
Some channels now are in HD quality.
I can run full power at 80m again without TVI.
The SCART type connection  did cause TVI especially at 80M.
Even at 5W level at 80m the picture was affected. 
I also have the Digitene  Digital terrestrial TV  this tuner also has SCART connection.  The KPN Digitene receiver is not HAM proof it is very affected by RF unfortunately.   

strange data QRM at 28.025