All Italian evening at 6m D64K 5H3EE / Perseïdes?

D64K  sometimes just Q5  50115 USB   in JO33hg      many many Italians calling  lot of splatter on D64K by some very broad Italian signals. No chance here for D64K with this weak signal in phone.

5H3EE  better signal  50.096 CW  539 real    working up  but  most south EU  no chance behind the  S-EU wall  tonight.
D64K never peaked  it stayed a ghosty TEP signal no change for non Italians tonight.

BTW  did anyone see  Perseïdes meteorites ?   I wached several clear nights
Yesterday I saw 2 in about 15minutes time.
I think the Perseïds shower must have dried out.
I have not seen  extra meteorites  in this August period for several years now.

N1MM  logger recently got unstable and loses the CAT connection with the K3
I do not know why  must be W7  in combination with the USB-serial converter
Then the Logger is going wild very annoying  the input field  is wiped out.
The band ruler is just jumping  to wild frequencies restarting N1MM  and or power cycling the K3 is needed. This problem I have  few years  now  sometimes it  is gone  but it comes back.
I will need another set up to be able to run contests.
Besides this USB-serial is producing RFI  it also raises errors  I hope that future rigs will have a direct USB connection or TCP/IP type interface.  


Paul PC4T said…
Hoi Jaap, ik heb met mijn zoontje (12) naar de Perseiden gekeken om 4 uur 's nachts. De activiteit viel mij ook erg tegen dit jaar. Ik zag ongeveer 1 meteoor per 3 a vier minuten. Ik heb er ooit echt heel veel gezien. Na een half uur ben ik maar gestopt en heb ik uitgeluisterd op 50.230 MHz, hoorde slechts 1 Engels station met JT6M. 73 Paul