TR4W logger tested


TR4W (TR for Windows) is a free-ware program for operating in amateur radio contests. Program is based on source code of the TR LOG MS-DOS program, kindly provided by Larry Tyree, N6TR (author of TR LOG). The basic idea of the TR4W project is porting TR LOG code to the Windows environment. TR4W is written in pure Windows API (application programming interface) and designed to be as small and fast as possible. Size of the executable file is only 160 kB. At the same time, the program contains almost 40 windows and consists of more than 100,000 lines of code. The TR4W project was started in March 2006, by Dmitriy Gulyaev, UA4WLI.

I am an N1MM logger user looooong time now.  I used it at least back in 2003.  In the DOS time used CT  that  has a lot in common with MM.  TR4W is interesting designed to be small and fast.

I tested TR4W  about year ago several versions earlier.
Now the the version is 4.243 +  MMTTY
The 4M VHF contest last Sunday was a good time to test. 
 Few call heard only bad propagation all week anyway. 
Heard MM0 ??  good signal  but my call was not copied.  And they did not give theirs again...  but IO84BT 080 707km copied here pity

The K3 CAT and CW T/R worked flawless using 1 comport for CAT and T/R CW  like N1MM does. I have some issues with MM and  CAT sometimes I loose connection with the K3 and the frequency goes wild, in the red out of band.
Telnet was okay, the bandmap is not a ruller  like N1MM populated with cluster / reverse beacon spots that automatic pop in the input field when tuning over.  Now spot calls are filed in but not shown on the map so could not tune calls as I can in N1MM.    
For VHF  important:
The locator  and serial can be entered  in random order. 
VHF operators have different procedures. You never know what comes first and that can trash the logging when it becomes hectic.
N1MM uses a fixed sequence.

I am used to Enter Sends Message procedure of N1MM
A very good thing the most efficient way to log contest style.  TR or TR4W is different.  Needs some practice of course .

The serial number did not increment fixed at nr 1 for the 4 QSO's  I logged. Could not find out why.  Many con-fig options are available.
I exported all N1MM "general logging contest"  and imported it in TR4W
I could only change the contest type by restarting TR4W.
Only then the "  open configuration or start a new contest "  field opens. 3rd picture below
In N1MM I can "hot switch" between contests.

This might be bug's ?
QSO frequency and band is "corrected"  when starting 
4M QSO's are "corrected" to 40M! when the log is reopened?
 See below  SV8CS  was a 4M QSO.

When starting  the log view seems to be random?  I get  a strange fixed list of 2011 QSO's   and  could not move  up or down?

Possible I used wrong settings and commands.
I do not know HAM's using TR4W
I put a question about this at  but no responses.

A very well done option is the beacon mode. The NCDX  beacons 
are shown in a field and the radio is following exact the beacon TX  sequence. This NCDX beacons  are real interesting and give an instant propagation impression. Much better then the random chirpy chirp beacons that are still common in use.

Anyone out there?


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