Aurora Borealis

After the spectacular ES event Saturday.
The awaited aurora arrived Sunday afternoon.
I was only on 4M.
Strong signals.  Could not be in the shack all the time
No new DXCC  heard this time.   
70.035 OY6BEC/B   heard vy weak only.
70.018 OH2FOUR   KP20  51a

20120715 1306  70280,1 CW   PA0O         55A  LA4YGA          51A         JO48be     
20120715 1309  70290,1 CW   PA0O         57A  LA4LN           57A Tom                
20120715 1346  70295,0 CW   PA0O         56A  LA8WF           559         JO59GV     
20120715 1404  70298,4 CW   PA0O         56A  GM4VVX          53A         IO78TA     
20120715 1407  70303,7 CW   PA0O         57A  OZ3ZW           57A Torben             
20120715 1417  70174,2 USB  PA0O         57A  LA9DL           55A JO59KE             
20120715 1434  70205,4 USB  PA0O         55A  GM8RBR          54A bill    io67uf Sky 
20120715 1449  70186,2 CW   PA0O         56A  GM4ILS          57A io87ip             
20120715 1601  70195,0 CW   PA0O         58A  G3UVR           55A         io83kh     
20120715 1602  70195,0 CW   PA0O         55A  ES2JL           599                    
20120715 1602  70195,0 CW   PA0O         55A  OZ9PP           57A                    
20120715 1608  70195,0 CW   PA0O         55A  PA0RDY          55A Rob                

The opening ended early   we took a nice bike tour.
I switched WSPR 80 160  on  expecting good propagation at 160 as experienced before with Aurora.
But this time 160m stayed close for DX.
80m   VK6DZ  again many decodes.  Also 1 decode here.  Difficult decoding the traces are very broad by Doppler effect during Aurora.


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