Log recovered

Using an USB-S-ATA/IDE adapter KÖNIG (20€) it was a piece of cake to connect the HD and copy the N1MM HAM.mdb  to the other PC. Also I could copy the HD contents by connecting it to an other PC using the CD-ROM cable. The S-ATA power cables are but the S-ATA data cables are not provided in bigger systems with more HD S-ATA sockets at least not in the HP xw4600.
But this KÖNIG  interface  is complete with cabling and power supply.  Nice worked right out the box can connect to older IDE and small  IDE type I tested an old HD  6.4G Seagate after some power cycles the drive was shown in the explorer.  
Then opened a new log type VHFR1  and imported the ADI of the log into ham.mdb its up to date again.