Smilde antenna repair

The Smilde Radio/TV  mast is going to rebuild after the fire and collapse last year June.
A Swiss team of specialists will rebuild it to 300m height.
They use a helicopter to rebuild the mast section by section.
 They bring up 1 section in  less then a minute  to the exact position.
The heli comes up  taking the mast section on a long line. The line must be long enough to keep the working position safe from the downward airflow. 
It looks so easy!  The mast section on a 50m long line does not swing! And comes exact at the right level at the top of the mast.
The heli keeps in position like a Hummingbird keeping position like fixed.
Afterwards I realised  this is a technical operation of very high level literally.  

Propagation  the 160m good times are over  ZL3NW was not heard yesterday SS.   
But 7O6T now worked on 80 and 20   strong on 12m  no Steppir 
 up good copy on the 80m vertical.
JD1BMH worked 10118 CW 
YJ0VK   14033 CW
JD1BLY 21001 CW  w