cycle24 ?

Still few 28MHz VK2 VK3 VK7 decodes last weeks almost daily but  less and less.  No W since a Month or longer.
This morning zero VK DX on 28 again. Yesterday only 1 decode of VK2FLR very poor even for WSPR.
Will there be some more signs of this solar cycle or was the peak November last year already?  

7O6T  strong at 10m  very strong at 30m   but after 500? calls  sometimes  right on QSX  It seemed hopeless.
Without the Steppir  it will be very difficult for 12 and 17 but even with a beam it can be tough I heard ZS2DL  calling them this morning and later in afternoon still calling...
I managed to get my 599 on 10m now but crazy much calls where needed. 
I tried to improvise an antenna for 12 m by just hanging a 6m long wire in parallel to the 30/40m dipole this should be working like the skeleton 3 band VHF beam got match 1:1.8  seems workable.   
 the match of 30 and 40 remained unchanged.
Hanging a resonant radiator for an additional band  in the direct field of the driven radiator gives a match  on that band too.

This evening heard 7O6T on 7004kHz  good signal but then a 599 jammer came on top tx-ing  "up up all bands" continuous.  It is useless to stop this by sending please QSY and other good ment advice to a jammer. That will only make more QRM and give the jammer the feedback he is waiting for. 
Surprising  how many  om's still do react so in the end only lids where heard and 7O6T was QSY