JIDX JA DX contest with the dipole

Sunday 12:30UTC switched to 10m closed but you never know.     RN3F  the only Rusian signal hrd at 10m in the Yuri Gargarin Cup.
Then heard  JA6WIF  28010 CQ 539 no takers couldn't believe it!  the only  DX hrd on 10 must have been long path.  With the dipole not possible to be shure.

Final 105 JA's in the log that was more then expected.

Reverse beacon spots switched on.  1 CQ  is enough to generate lot of spots on 10 and 15 in 1 CQ  you get an instant impression of where you are heard very nice !
And no delays in CW with N1MM  that's nice too something must have been changed in this N1MM version  or my setup?

Surprised   to hear  JA's  at all  with this propagation  but still 55x JA  in 31 zones  at 21MHz  Saturday morning.
15m open to JA  20m  very poor and 10m closed. 
Last weekend JA's  at 28 in the SP contest with good signals

The dipole again a step back against the Steppir.
But this dipole is giving the maximum a dipole can do not that much less then the Steppir at 10m but much higher noise level. And my 3€ balun is really doing a job,  I was able to run high power without RFI in the shack. Without balun at level 5W the PC speaker was humming already.

Reverse beacons  give instant  reports on CQ  nice feature
Selfspotting  is obsolete  now...


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