again a night operation

Finally after 48hour continuous heavy rain and wind  that ended midnight Sunday/Monday  we had a relative  nice day with some periods that it did not rain ..  But had to wait to dark before I had time to put the  mini 3-band VHF antenna in my mast  that was a quick job. Cable was already available in the mast so now at 22m a.g. with good cable I was very curious how this small antenna would perform.
First tests receiving showed some good FM signals at 70.425MHz  of locals.
Then 2m , the SWR was low!  receiving a dutch beacon quite good much stronger then on my vertical.
2m seemed alright too
Then 6m  low SWR but a bit tuned high  SWR went up in the DX part a bit but  reasonable 1:1.5
That should be easy to correct with some extension of the radiator
Heard LX0SIX but deep in the noise.
Then tried to receive one of the G- beacons   I heard weak GB3BAA at 70.016 at some peak
could trim my old 50MHz now on 70MHz BF900 preamp on that one  a real signal.

So conclusion project is a success!
Now have to get the old transverter running  5W out so far.