OZ7IT +3 in WSPR tropo 50.293MHz

Now I am the owner of the tiny Flex-1500 .

This is not only a small transceiver but also a spectrum-analyser.

I   have it running with WSPR   using 
VAC  Virtual audio-cable
©  Eugene V. Muzychenko

  and Virtual Serial Port  VSP Manager
© Steve Nance K5FR 
Only the  USB cable to the  PC   / Laptop is needed.
Audio and serial port are virtual connections by software.  

The 1500 has USB  no Fire-wire  this is a bit critical but with some tweaking in the configuration  I hope to get it stable over long time.

Same way it can be connected to N1MM which I did not do yet.

I was surprised  by its sensitivity at 50MHz.  A preamp gave no improvement on reception of the beacons.
The Signal level meter is the best I have ever seen. Weak signals stil have a clear level reading 0-10db over the noise band.
The Pan display shows all. I do have to read the manual there are many more options to find out.

I let it run WSPR    Good signals from OZ7IT  +3dB RX 
my signal -2  with 5W  ( I measure 6W out )
A second WSPR signal in range is  M1DUD JO02 constant copied.

Not much of DX so far...
But 28MHz  still wild   no DX limits is seems 

This morning again ZL2RF 28MHz my 1W 11 decodes
New one for me  WA2YUN  in RK39hh  "only" 11718km
But the propagation to JA  was a bit faded. Or I was too late to switch bands ..

Tonight heard K3ZM 1.825MHz  early   Called with 5W he gave 569
1W was possible too he was extreme strong for 160  clean 599 on the GP and 579 on the loop !