After being in Germany for QRL during some weeks.
In Schladen in the Hartz area. Last week we stayed in the small beautiful middle-age city Hornburg close to the former Ostgrenze.  Not far from the Brocken 1050m.  I can recommend this pension ***   nice place quiet, wlan free.

Now finally some time for finishing this.
When away i let WSPR running remote i can control it even from the HTC phone but I could not switch to 160m
The K3 has ANT1 and ANT2  + some RX TX ports
It can handle 2 antenna/bands in WSPR  ANT 1 is connected to 6M 7eleLFA or  160m vertical  through a  manual switch. ANT2 was connected to the 80M  vertical.
To be able to switch more antenna's  I made a relay controlled ANT switch.

A small professionally made chromium-plated brass box was resting in my junk-box for years.  Once  it was used  as RF switch too but with diodes and odd connectors. I got 4 good quality PL259 plugs from Hongkong 2€ each free shipping! Too late I saw that our local Van Dijken Electronic also sells PL259 gold plated for even less. Driving to him would be more expensive then letting them send from China would you believe that???
Got it working for 180/80.  Finally WSPR can hop 6m,80m,160m automatic. 
It would be an "enhancement"  to WSPR to have a time scheduler for band hopping  it is rather useless to have 80 or 160 on in daylight. and 6m during the night  equaly useless. 
 I use a 24V relay that still switches on12.6V at just 5mA.   It is powered from the rear 12V out of the K3 (max 0.5A) . The ACC connection has no +Ub pin.
The relay is switched by Digiout1 (pin11 and GND pin 5)
Digiout can be set "on" per band and ANT choice. It is active low open drain.
One side of the relay is connected to the RCA 12V out and the other to the Digiout1. Digiout1 is set to "on" for 160m ANT2 in my case and the relay is activated on 160M.
The common is to ANT2 and is automatic switching to 80/180 antenna if the band is changed manual or by WSPR band hopping.
This is the easiest way but it controls  switching 2 antenna only.
More ports can be switched using the  4 band address outputs through a BCD  decoder. Or the K3 AUX-bus  a special serial I/O bus for transverter use, this bus is also giving band selection codes out.

Upload image using Picasa web album failed b.t.w. that was easy but this option is shut off?  I did not exceed the max upload limit yet?
Did Picasa3 quit this very easy way to handle images?