This week I am testing a Flex-1500  SDR   the smallest SDR from Flexradio
My first experience with SDR.

I am very impressed!  This small  modem type box is a complete transceiver
It has superb receiving.   PAN is an extra dimension to radio. It has incredible small filtering a square shaped 25Hz filter  no ringing!
 POWER SDR  gives super radio-front control   offering possibilities not seen before 
I need some time to get used controlling everything by mouse.  There are special control wheels too.
On the other hand the conventional radio's like my K3 is also constant connected and controlled  by a PC.
 Definite this is the future of radio. 

Then I saw the  new power fets 
144MHz 3w drive 1250W RF out! woow  50V 30amps
A simple small PCB 7x14cm on a cooling block
50V Power thats it!

That's the end of the  PA tubes too...
the  MRFE6VP61K25H  or the  Philips 
BLF578XR    1200W "unbreakable 



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Mooi spul Jaap. Jammer dat het buiten mijn budget valt....73, Bas

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