After return from Konya Istanbul back home.
WSPR was still running  10 80 160  band hopping shown that the low bands  160 80 are in a deep recession last week(s).  Almost no DX was reported. Most days/ night the max DX was  2000km on 80m  exception was VK6ZT 80m  and A45SWL on 160  K1JT and some east coast copies on the K9AY ( in the not optimal direction) 

 2011-10-14 22:10  PA0O  3.594163  -26  0  JO33hg  5  VK6ZT  OF78sq  13966  96
Propagation swapped to the high bands. 
28MHz is wide open. Late night to W6 7 0 . Unseen propagation for long long years. 
Managed to get in the log of T32C  17 and 20m in the late evening  Friday signals weak QTF  almost over the north-pole.

Saturday lots of JA 28 RTTY  in the JARTS contest.  Had a short run but not much time for radio after being off home 1 1/2 week.
Found out to late I used the dipole while I was turning the beam... did not help much..  I was a bit out of the routine..
Saturday 100 Q in the JARTS  had to do other jobs around the house.
Evening heard  T32C 24938 phone  about 54 here.  Tried  but signal faded out.